The Vancouver Birth Scenario

Barack Obama has a birth record that he is unwilling to let anyone see except his lawyer, which gives the impression that there is something to hide.  The only thing conceivable is his place of birth.  Yet his mother was only 18 years old and unlikely to have had a passport, nor the desire or finances to be globe trotting.  So how could she not give birth in Hawaii?  There is only one likely possibility.
There is testimony from Barbara Nelson who had a conversation with her friend’s father in a Hawaiian dinner club, a Dr. West, who remarked that “Stanley had a baby”. Her name was most remarkable; -the same name as her father, to whom she wrote about the coincidence.  The words “had a baby” might have been “has a baby” or “had a baby” -as in -sometime recently but without any reference to where or when.  (A nearly half-century old memory is very unreliable when it comes to the details of words spoken and she has proven to be an unreliable witness by altering her story, having first put forth the impression that Dr. West delivered the baby, which had to be dropped when the long-form birth certificate image was posted online showing a Dr. Sinclair being the named physician-obstetrician.  Worse yet for her credibility is the fact that she was one of Barack’s adoring high school teachers, having written prosaically about him, -almost like a fictional character.
There is no other testimony regarding Obama’s birth.  That is the mysteriously limited record & testimony on behalf of the one who became the President of the United States.  Even the women who gave birth in the hospital listed as Obama Jr.’s birth location never saw him or his mother during that first week of August in 1961.  No one has yet claimed to have even seen Ann Dunham pregnant, much less attended her delivery.

So mother and baby Obama were presumably in Hawaii sometime shortly after his birth, so how could she also be out of Hawaii to deliver him outside the United States?
There is only one possibility.  It’s this.
Ann had moved four times before reaching her teens, so she had no long term roots. But she developed some after the family moved to the Seattle area where she spent all of her formative teen years, until the family moved again, to Hawaii, after her High School graduation.
She was uprooted once more from her familiar surroundings & friends and moved to where she had neither. She enrolled in college in Honolulu and attended for the fall/winter semester where she met fellow student, Barack (pronounced Bair´ ack) Obama from Kenya.
Then, during the fall of 1961 she became pregnant.  In 1961, before civil rights, before women’s liberation, before political correctness, before African-American penetration of American main-stream culture, before mixed-race couples, for a young white woman just a half-year out of High School to become pregnant outside of marriage would have been a very frowned on thing, especially if she was only 17 at the time.  Hence a marriage was arranged within a few months of knowing that she was pregnant.  At least that’s the assumption.
But even marriage would not have smoothed-over the cultural shock of having one’s minor white daughter pregnant with a black man’s child, especially if he was old enough to be her father, and was a major American communist figure who wrote and published a communist publication.  The Dunham’s friend, Frank Marshall Davis, an African-American communist from Chicago, was close to their daughter Ann, and even got her to pose nude for his photography avocation (selling the photos to a men’s magazine).  It’s logical to assume that a lively young women who was willing to go that far would have also been willing to go a little farther, and lose her unwanted virginity to him.
Assuming she did, then she would likely have shed her inhibitions about sex and could have easily gotten involved with another radical, -one Barack Obama, -a fellow student and a most exotic one at that, being from East Africa.
If so, and if both encounters were within a close time frame, then she might not have been certain which one had impregnated her.
If the older and possibly wiser Davis had deflowered her with forethought, having the smarts to have and use a condom to avoid impregnating a 17 year old white girl, then Obama would have to have been the father.
Ann’s pregnancy in 1961 would have presented a huge problem for her reputation, as well as the social image of her parents.  At the point of her pregnancy showing, it seems that her life then followed the pattern of nearly all of the young women in America in the same situation; -they vanished from the radar.
She dropped out of college in February, 1961 and no record of her whereabouts has been found until she appeared in Seattle in the latter half of August of ‘61 following the birth of her child.
What’s remarkable and unexplainable is the total absence of what one would expect to exist if the fairy tale told in “Dreams From My Father” were actually true.  She lived with Obama Sr. & son as a family for two years as claimed?
Ok, then where are the photos of that early family life?  But before those photos, where are the courtship period photos?  The wedding photos?  The honeymoon photos?  The love letters between bride and groom?  The marriage record?  The recollections of witnesses?  None exist, just as none would exist if there was no romance, no courtship, no shotgun wedding, no honeymoon, no life together.  All that exists is lots of unanswered questions.  If ever there was a man whose life should be an open book to the American people, it’s someone born to an alien father, and mentored by a card-carrying communist party member.
She never lived with the man she named as father of her child. He lived in an apartment near his college campus. His friends have no memory of a girlfriend.  A union in a vacuum, an invisible relationship, a forbidden mysteriously hidden tryst.  Fact? -or fiction?
The subject of adoption would naturally have come up.  It might have been raised by Ann herself since she was a young and adventurous, free-thinking-&-acting person.  It could be assumed that she had plans and desires for her future, and being a prisoner to the chores of motherhood at such a young age was not likely to have been viewed favorably.
With her own serious reservations, and the resistance of her parents to having and keeping any child at that point, much less a black child, it would be almost inevitable in 1961 to want to seriously consider adoption as the best solution. [INS records confirm they were considering adoption]
The Dunhams lived out the remainder of their years in Hawaii, with no more moves to other cities and states, and it’s reasonable to assume that in 1961 that was what they saw for themselves going forward.  With Hawaii as their permanent home, and a pregnant daughter without a man in her life, adoption was the only option.
But there would have been two problems with an adoption in Hawaii.  First is that there may have been no couple willing to adopt a mixed-race baby, and second is that if there were, they would have to live the rest of their lives with the possibility of encountering the adopted child that they would have wanted to be out-of-sight, -out-of-mind.  A mainland adoption would have been preferable, and possibly the only chance of finding a willing couple.
So they might have agreed to pay for their daughter’s home-sickness assuaging return to Seattle if she agreed to put the baby up for adoption while there.  She would have turned to the Salvation Army or some other organization handling adoptions.  Having told them the truth about the race of the father, no adoptive parents came forward.
She may have been disappointed that there were no takers.  That would have turned her attention to the closest big city as an alternative, and that city was Vancouver, Canada.  She may have learned that there was one or more significant benefits to giving birth there, (such as free medical care) and possibly was able to arrange a quick adoption in Canada.
But the adoption, for whatever reason, didn’t happen. Maybe, after holding and nursing the baby, maternal instincts were awakened and she couldn’t let him go.
She may have delivered her child on August 1, flew directly to Hawaii on August 3rd or 4th, and then registered  him with the Dept. of Health on August 5th by filling out an affidavit and signing it, -claiming that he was born at home.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s investigation found that the records in the government archive for persons on international flights into Hawaii during the first week of August 1961 are missing from the end of the reel of microfilm that once contained them.  Those are the only records known to be inexplicably missing.

Her appearance in Hawaii with the baby that she was expected to be rid of would not have been greeted with acceptance.  Instead, it might have been met with fear and serious reservations.  Such a reaction would have motivated her parents to fund her return to Seattle and the shouldering of the living expenses of going to school there where she felt more at home among her own friends and familiar surroundings, and could attend college with (or associate with) one or more of them.

The Obama-supporters will ask what proof there is that this scenario is true.  But asking that question brings into focus their failure to recognize that the same question can be asked in regard to proving that it isn’t true.  There is in fact no proof that it isn’t true, and that is what makes it a possibly accurate description of what actually happened.  The bigger question is: “Why should such uncertainly exist when it comes to the most powerful position in the world?”
But in the end, it doesn’t matter where Obama was born, what matters is to whom he was born.  A natural American is not one born in America but is one born to Americans and only Americans.
But if he was born in Vancouver, he would not have even been a U.S. citizen at all because his mother was too young to convey her citizenship to him.  And that is what he is hiding from the American people, because if they knew it, then even in their misguided understanding of presidential eligibility, they would be aware that a foreigner can’t be President.

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