A Smoking Gun

Revised October 24th, 2013             

Careful examination of the White House PDF Certificate of Live Birth has led to almost every anomaly being found to have a logical explanation. Kevin Davidson (Dr. Conspiracy) debunked the biggest suspicion by scanning his own birth certificate and saving it as a PDF. It turned out to have the same dual layers as the Obama PDF (text, & background, -with some text saved as gray-scale imagery on the background layer) .   In addition, two anonymous persons have discovered that the high-end Xerox workstation in the White House will, in conjunction with Adobe Preview software, (if used to turn the Xerox-produced horizontal file of a scanned counterfeit hard-copy Certificate of Live Birth by turning it to the vertical upright position) result in the same type of multi-layer output as the White House pdf.  They tested a print-out of the WH pdf on similar machines and got similar results.

Nevertheless, there are still unanswerable questions which should not exist, including the smiling face of the Alvin signature, and the absence of a Hawaiian Dept. of Health Seal.

What are missing from all original DoH birth certificate digital files are the images that only appear on printed hard-copies, namely the Registrar’s signature stamp and his date stamp, along with the official embossed seal, which are manually stamped on printed copies to certify them before sending to the requestor.   They should not be visible on any PDF or TIFF original data-base vital record made by Hawaii from their micro-film archive, and printed by them, or else Hawaiian birth certificates would be nothing more than photo-copies that could not be accepted as being certified.

Even using a rubber stamp signature is a bastardization of true certification.
Just as a so-called “Certificate of Authenticity”, included with a manufacturer’s product, is not a a certificate because it does not certify anything because it doesn’t contain the certifying signature of the creator.  It’s just a stupid printed piece of paper.  Hawaii’s certification stamp is similar.  That demonstrates how far they have drifted from allegiance to actual authentication.  I should also mention that if the PDF were really a scan of a real authentic document then an embossed/ raised image of the DoH Seal would be visible and it is not.

Here’s what a real Hawaiian DoH seal looks like:  verification-Seal

       The significance of the smiling face
The appearance of an alteration to the cursive letter “A” in the stamped signature of Alvin Onaka -the Hawaiian State Registrar, seems to be something more than an odd coincidence.  The alteration happens to have the appearance of a smiling face.  It’s isn’t some stretch of the imagination to see it.  When people see “the Virgin Mary” in a stain on a wall, it’s because it is a clearly visible image.  But it isn’t a miracle, it is pure natural coincidence.  But the smiling face appearance is not a natural phenomenon, and since it looks like it is the result of a very carefully placed alteration, (like the number “3” upside-down), one must suspect that it was deliberately caused.  Any shift left or right, up or down, of the “squiggle” that forms the face would not create a smiling face.  The odds against it being the result of something like dirt are astronomical.  Therefore it is justified to speculate on what was behind its formation.  Allow me to speculate.
Putting on my Sherlockian forensic profiler’s hat, I have a theory that might not be the truth, but makes perfect sense.  It begins with the presumption that it was deliberately made.  Accepting that proposition, leads to imagining a reason to do that.  It can be assumed that it would only have been done by someone who had responsibility over the counterfeit document used to produce the PDF image, not a child or an interloper.  The only reason for putting such a thing on an important document must be that the person who did it a). had unlimited access to it, b). had a reason to do so, and c). thought it would not be noticed.

smiling A in Alvin

B.  ~A reason to do so~.   There is only one logical reason to do it, and that is that it was meant to be a secret fact that could be pointed to someday to prove that the handler had a hand in working on a very significant document, one with historical significance.  Like a painter who, after working for hours or days or weeks on a work of art, finally adds his personal signature -written small in an unnoticeable spot down in a corner.  That provides the artist with proof that it was their own creation, -no unrewarding anonymity.

For someone to be similarly motivated in putting such an effect onto the PDF would require that they had a connection to it similar to that which an artist has to his painting.  That would mean that he worked on it.  What would that imply?  It would imply that he made changes to it, working “digital magic” to change something of great significance.  He was responsible for the result for which he could never claim credit, -never exercise bragging rights.  No one would ever know that he was the master of the greatest forensic
coup/counterfeit successfully perpetrated since some pre-teen sisters created photos of themselves interacting with fairies in their backyard back near the beginning of the last century.  Millions of people believed in them, a movie was made about it (John Goodman starred), and they didn’t admit the truth for 60 years.

But who would want to have to wait that long to get credit for their handiwork?  No one.  He wanted, sometime sooner than that,  to be able to share his accomplishment with some present or future significant other, but any claim couldn’t be believed unless something that no one else knew could be pointed to as proof.

How did he come up with the smiley face idea?  Only one logical answer.  His name begins with the letter “A” and he picked up the trick while in a graphics class, or while doodling during endless hours of boredom while sitting in classes all day,  -a perfect touch to serve as a unique covert signature.

C.  ~it would not be noticed~   If you check the Adobe “Properties” of the opened PDF file,  you’ll see that it’s “Created”, and “Modified” date/time says  12:09 PM on the day it was posted to the Internet.  * “Created” translates to the first time that it was saved on the computer that it was opened and saved on, (“Modified” refers to the last time it was saved after being altered).

That time is UTC time (Universal Coordinated Time) based in Europe, translating to 8:09 AM Washington time  if it was “Saved” in the Eastern time zone, or 4:09AM Pacific Time.  If it was Saved in the West, like in Seattle where Obama’s personal legal representative is located, -the one that is said to have flown to Honolulu to get the certified copies and then to Washington so the charade could be completed, it would have been 4:09 AM Pacific time.  If the forgery conspiracy included the lawyer,  (in addition to the Hawaiian officials), then Obama would have been protected by attorney-client confidentiality, very ideal, not including anyone in the White House beside the White House attorney.

The clerk in the White House that scanned the counterfeit didn’t realize that the Xerox workstation does not produce a single-layer like a .jpg photo but outputs in the PDF format that is highly compressed for internet downloading or viewing, and to achieve high quality with high compression and a small file size the workstation splits documents into multiple components which are handled in different ways.  Those components, or layers, were retained by Adobe Preview instead of them ending up flattened when saved as a pdf,  so it was saved and then uploaded to the White House web-site, as we see it, in PDF format with nine components.

Once it was already posted and downloaded by a significant number of people, it was too late to change it.  Then when they clicked on it to open it, and it opened with Adobe Reader as a multi-layer PDF image with numerous peculiarities, the “cat was out of the bag” and the speculation and suspicions began as people were inspired to examine it very closely, greatly enlarged.  Eventually someone noticed that which was expected to never be noticed.
But even if what I’ve guess about is true, it doesn’t amount to a hill of beans since there is no way to prove any of it.
“Fertile imagination”?  For sure.  But here’s my challenge; before rejecting it, come up with another reasonable explanation.  I doubt that there is any.


The White House PDF (Portable Document Format) is from a scan of a counterfeit document which was the result of an altered fabricated image made from digital files in the Hawaiian Dept of Health data-base, and possibly another source.   Since most, or all, of the text was originally in a single layer with an invisible back- ground, like text on celluloid, any entry could be easily erased and something substituted in its place with out disturbing any of the image of the original paper page since it had been deleted (in the Records Department’s digitization process) in order to save on memory and reduce the file size considerably.  When that digitization took place RAM and hard drive capacity was much smaller and much more expensive, and also, computers were much slower, so saving the imagery of the paper on which birth certificates are created was avoided by identifying it by color (white) and deleting it.
The imagery used to create the Obama counterfeit was the product of the digitizing of the Hawaiian birth records so they could have digital backups, which could be shared with authorized Federal agencies, (and could be printed on an official-looking security paper in place of the white paper of the original form).

The statements of the Hawaiian officials reveal one of two possibilities.  Either the original unaltered birth document states Hawaii as the birth location,  as they claim, or it has been altered in its digital form to state that. That would either have been done in Hawaii or by someone connected to the White House.     Assuming that their statements that Obama was born in Hawaii are false, then it would follow that if they were willing to lie for him, then they would also be willing to facilitate the falsification of their “digital abstract” record/image,

The long-form counterfeit would not be possible without access to images of original Hawaiian birth certificates.  Since he has never shown any Hawaiian hard copy to the public, (or even the one he would have inherited from his mother), one must assume they show something different from his PDF, OR… they never existed and the whole story of producing and obtaining them is a complete lie.

Quote: “The HI Dept of Health…has consistently stood behind the document.”What document?  The PDF (a digital file), is not a document and they have not, in any legal sense, stood behind it.  So the quote must be referring to the two certified copies that they claim they produced, but which the public has not been allowed to see.  I too will stand behind them, now please show them to me.  I’m waiting,…and waiting….

Quote:  “ALL real evidence that has turned up all supports every bit of data that we already were exposed to when his campaign released his COLB and all matches what he wrote about in his autobiographies.”

Don’t confuse statements with “data”.  Statements need corroboration, data is generally assumed to be cold hard facts.  I’m unaware of any cold hard facts that exist and prove anything relevant to the suspicions that exist.

“NOTHING points to ANY other origin for his birth other than Honolulu, HI.”

That is absolutely.. True.  But also, nothing concrete points to Hawaii as his birth place either since nothing released so far is unaltered, and no hard-copy has yet been shown.

UPDATE: see “Why baby Obama Was Born in Vancouver;  The Seattle Scenario”

This is http://obama–nation.com

by a.r. nash

I Created The Obama Fake COLB

4 Responses to A Smoking Gun

  1. arnash says:

    “officials in the state of Hawai’i published on their official websites that the documents published by Obama, and entered as exhibits by Orly, were true copies of the actual documents.”

    This statement misstates the facts. No one from Hawaii has gone on the record before any trier of fact, nor signed any notarized affidavit confirming anything about the BC digital image. They haven’t claimed that it was issued by the state of Hawaii because they don’t issue digital files, only paper documents, but the White House has never presented any paper document to the public nor to anyone with the knowledge and background to know if it is genuine. The reason for this omission is that a paper original copy does not exist.

    Also, what’s wrong with that statement was the use of the term “true copy”. Hawaii ceased providing “TRUE COPY” replications years ago and now only provide “ABSTRACT”
    representations of the birth original. It can’t be certified as being a true copy of anything because it doesn’t represent a true copy of anything. It’s an abstract imitation, and therefore doesn’t serve as an authentic true copy of an original bc.

  2. arnash says:

    The judge in Georgia, or attorney Taitz, can request to see the hard-copy that the lying White House pretends exists but really doesn’t. The original half hand-written, and half typed affidavit in Hawaii isn’t required. Hawaii never issued any hard copy to Obama’s attorney, though they may have supplied source documents to facilitate the manufacture of the digital image. An image of an official document is no more legitimate than a photo of a gold coin is equal to real gold.

  3. arnash says:

    butterdezillion says:
    . I’ve invited people to explain to me how Okubo’s statement about “date filed” and “date accepted” (given a BC# by the HDOH) being the same thing for Oahu BC’s could possibly fit the “date filed” and BC#’s on the collection of supposed BC’s we’ve got right now. You’ve said I should just believe the HDOH. Fine – but if I believe what Okubo said about “date filed” being “date accepted”, that means we’ve got about 3 or 4 forged BC’s out there right now, including the Waidelich one which CNN claims they filmed Waidelich picking up from the HDOH. So which HDOH claim do I believe – Okubo’s statement, or the COLB they gave Waidelich? Nobody has shown me a way they could both be true. And for any rational person, those contradictions fail the cross-examination test and call the credibility and/or LEGALITY of the HDOH’s claims into very serious question.

    Which is why I have called for an investigation. That’s all I have ever asked for, and it is what any reasonable person would ask for given the contradictions by the HDOH and the blatant anomalies (physical impossibilities, even, as I’ve shown) in what Obama claims are the documents he received from the HDOH.

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