Is calling a communist “a communist” extreme?

Exclusive: Lord Monckton cites ‘Disinformation’ as critical warning to all Americans

Christopher Monckton of Brenchley, high priest of climate skepticism, advised Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, wrote leaders for the Yorkshire Post, was editor of the Catholic paper The Universe, managing editor of the Telegraph Sunday Magazine, assistant editor of Today, and consulting editor of the Evening Standard. He invented the million-selling “Eternity Puzzles,” “Sudoku X” and a promising treatment for infections. See the Science & Public Policy Institute.

The former head of Romania’s secret police, Ion Mihai Pacepa, is the most senior Communist spy ever to defect to the West. His recent warning that the United States is sleep-walking into communism just as the rest of the world is throwing off that murderous, hate-filled credo should be heeded by everybody. But few will pay heed as they should.

One of the enduring consequences of the now-defunct KGB’s massive campaign of maskirovka (deception) and desinformatsiya (circulation of pro-communist information by apparently independent but actually communist-controlled organizations throughout the West) is that the lies crafted during the Cold War continue to be told long after those who invented them have been discredited and defeated.

  • Pacepa’s devastating book “Disinformation,” available at ridiculously low prices at the WND Superstore, is a must-read for all who are fed up with being told they should never use the word “communist” because that is a Reds-under-the-beds expression.

At one point, a million agents of Soviet desinformatsiya were pumping out Communist propaganda. Most appeared to be normal citizens of the West in apparently non-political Western organizations, from the New York Review of Books to the World Peace Council.

Lt. Gen. Pacepa makes a point that even this generally wise column will have to learn from. He says we are in danger of focusing our concern and our anger on Mr. Obama, in a species of reverse personality cult, when the communist threat is far wider.

The problem of communism, says Pacepa, is that it is spreading throughout the institutions of the United States, from the “Democratic” Party to government at every level.

When I gave a press conference at the Willard Hotel in Washington. D.C., during Mr. Obama’s election campaign, I called him a communist. John Gizzi, the editor of Human Events and then the doyen of the press corps, drew me on one side and told me one should not use the word “communist” because it had McCarthyite overtones.

Six months later, having seen what Obama was saying and doing, John Gizzi was using the word “communist” himself.

This vignette illustrates one of the most powerful techniques first developed by the KGB’s desinformatsiya directorate. It is to ridicule anyone who describes a communist as a communist, on the ground that to call an extremist an extremist is extremist.

The communists also invent and freely use hate-speech words to describe their freedom-loving, truth-seeking opponents. For instance, those of us who have dared to ask questions about whether the world will really come to an end unless Western capitalism is at once stamped out in the name of Saving The Planet from Thermageddon are routinely described as “deniers.”

That vicious libel is calculated to bracket us with those who deny that Hitler massacred 6 million Jews. Fortunately, we have managed to stamp out the use of this word in Scotland, where hate speech is now a criminal offense.

Dr. Roy Spencer, who designs and operates the ingenious satellites that provide the most accurate measurements of global temperature change, has decided we should all fight back against this communist tactic by referring to global warming extremists as “climate Nazis.”

Dr. Spencer is no wimp. He works at the University of Alabama at Huntsville. Most universities sneer at anyone who is skeptical about the climate Nazis’ line, at anyone who believes in capitalism, and at anyone who is Christian. Dr. Spencer is all three, and charmingly but determinedly and fearlessly so. It takes courage to stand out from the bleating academic herd.

He, for one, understands exactly what Gen. Pacepa is warning us about. For the climate Nazis, like their ideological bedfellows in the Germany of the 1930s, are venomously intolerant of any disagreement.

Naomi Oreskes is a darling of the climate Nazis. She earned her Iron Cross with Extra Oak Leaves when she published a non-peer-reviewed essay in Science a decade ago claiming that not one of more than 900 scientific papers on the climate had challenged what she called the “consensus” that most of the global warming since 1950 was likely to have been man-made.

A subsequent survey, published last year and based on 11,944 papers, including nearly all of those reviewed by Oreskes, showed that the percentage of scientific papers explicitly supporting her definition of “consensus” was actually just 0.5 percent.

It has also been shown that several of the papers cited by Oreskes explicitly stated the contrary of the “consensus” as she had defined it. Besides, science is not done by mere head-count, though Oreskes is not bright enough to understand that.

Nevertheless, her hopelessly erroneous conclusion has delighted the climate Nazis. Recently, she told a meeting of more than usually dopey students at the Belcher Center for Scientific Nazism at Haaavard that “deniers” ought to be prosecuted under the RICO statute for daring to publish scientific results that the Reichspropagandaministerium disapproved of.

It is the solecism of totalitarians everywhere to be so intolerant of freedom of speech, of thought and even of research that they want their political opponents savagely punished. The unspeakable “Jim” Hansen, formerly of the Goebbels Institute for Space Studies, have called for “deniers” to be put on trial for what Hansen calls “high crimes against humanity” (for which the penalty is death).

Climate-Nazi journalists in Australia have called for the public branding of skeptics with cattle-irons, and for their execution. In Austria, a professor who really ought to have known better also advocated execution for “deniers,” only backing off when I wrote to him, twice, and reminded him that, as in Scotland, so in Austria, hate speech of that kind is an imprisonable criminal offense.

Dr. Spencer is right. Anyone who calls us “deniers” is a climate Nazi. And a communist is a communist and a fascist a fascist, whether or not these terms are fashionable. Whatever one calls them, there are too many of them in these here United States. Pacepa is right. McCarthy, where are you when we need you?

Get Pacepa’s book “Disinformation” for just $4.95 in the WND Superstore



I’m all in favor of doing what Stalin did. The first people to get sent to do hard labor in the Gulag were those same liberal university intellectuals who were among the greatest supports of communism. Let’s have those same people here in America sent to the US Gulag –Alaska– where they can be given picks and shovels and made to build the infrastructure…you know, do all those “shovel-ready” jobs that Obama talked about. At least then they’d be doing somethig constructive, rather than excreting their “verbal diarrhia”, getting paid obscenely high salaries, as they do now. In fact, send them there on an old junket freighter, along with the wrought iron to make the shovels with…and no mosquito repellent, because that’s harmful to the environment.


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