Why America Can’t Be Saved

 A Trajectory of Decline & Decay

“Honor, justice, and humanity, forbid us tamely to surrender that freedom which we received from our gallant ancestors, and which our innocent posterity have a right to receive from us. We cannot endure the infamy and guilt of resigning succeeding generations to that wretchedness which inevitably awaits them if we basely entail hereditary bondage on them.”   Thomas Jefferson

In college I took a course titled “The Sociology of Social Problems”.  Its textbook contained chapter after chapter, -beginning to end of serious social problems, none of which had any clear nor offered solution.  The condition of the city of New York may have been one of them.
It, like New Orleans, was a cesspool of liberal degradation.  There were no solutions to its problems because the textbook authors were not men like Rudy Giuliani, -men capable of seeing things realistically, seeing the roots of the problems, and the means to make significant changes in the status quo social order so as to fix seemingly intractable situations of social and physical blight and moral degradation.
Today there are no men of a national stature with the grasp of clear and workable federal solutions to America’s problems because the solutions to many problems are in fact not federal solutions but state, county, city and family solutions.  Yet the Xerxesians in Congress will not relent of their ever-tightening federal grip on major aspects of our lives,- forever encroaching further into the tent of the states and the lives of private citizens.

And do they meet with strong resistance from the citizens?  Sometimes, but rarely, and that’s because of the absence of a firm patriotic freedom-loving foundation laid inside of them during their long and boring years sitting in government schools where they were not conditioned to appreciate their history nor their liberty.  Then, in institutions of higher education, they are indoctrinated to believe in the correctness of un-American and anti-Constitution philosophies.
The shepherds of higher education not only are not good shepherds, but are commonly and sometimes openly wolves in shepherds clothing.  Anti-Capitalism, Anti-Religion, Pro-dependency, and Pro-Government power in support of their ideology, but not any other.   Indoctrinating generation after generation into accepting and embracing what’s presented as the just, compassionate, beneficial and established “American way”.   They don’t care that their path of good intentions destroys liberty by eliminating free choice by force.

Government intrusion on an ever expanding scale is analogous to a tribe wandering in an imaginary wilderness in a sandstorm in an imaginary reality.  Initially the elders think it best to tie a string around everyone’s wrist connected to the persons ahead and behind them so that no one gets lost.  In the course of time during their long journey, the string grows frayed and weak, and so they replace it with a stronger twine.  In the course of time it also grows frayed and weak, and so they replace it again with a cord, and it lasts a long time, but eventually the new leaders want to thwart the desires of rebels among the tribe who want to break free, so in order to staunch their independent spirit they replace the cord with rope.

As the generations pass most are conditioned to accept that as their lot in life, as if it is simply the way life is among the tribe.  But some are even more unaccepting of such a situation and they begin to sharpen flat rocks with the intention of cutting the rope and freeing themselves, but their aims are countered by the overlords of the tribe who, while their fellows sleep, replace the rope with chains.   Once chains go on, they never come off, -not without war and death.

Under the Reign of Xerxesians; our “Merciful Gods”

The unconstitutional Health Care act is the rope that will bind us in the approaching future, and unless it is repealed, we as a nation will have many more chains to look forward to.  But that will be a situation of the government going a bridge too far and will lead to wide-spread anti-government sentiment and resistance as the IRS imposes the fines the act mandates on individuals and companies.
That resistance may be in a form that will be unforeseeable.  Perhaps we’re seeing the first stage with the response to Connecticut’s gun registration law.  It seems that it is being widely ignored though the penalty is a felony.

Or perhaps there will be civil protests like that of the students of Kent State in the 1960s.  It wouldn’t be the first time that the National Guard was unleashed against the citizenry, as happened once when impoverished war veterans petitioned Washington for a redress of their grievance of not being paid what they were owed, nor provided for as was deserved, and being met not with faithfulness but with armed force and bullets instead.

Those who wield absolute power think in terms of power and not accommodation.  Any attitude other than the Overlord’s attitude is seen as weakness rather than as fairness.

But even without any resistance to the surrender of personal freedom mandated by the anti-liberty-&-individual responsibility Health Care act, we still will face an entirely unknown and unforeseeable future.
What are the problems that plague America today, and threaten her future?  Here’s a few:
1.  The abandonment of the ideal of being “a self-made man”, a self-directed man, a self-educated man, a socially and morally responsible man; a capable, competent and accomplished man who would be a national resource in time of national threat.  ~In earlier America, such men were not uncommon.

2.  The priesthood of the American legal profession which has a strangle hold on every aspect of American life, whether private, business, non-profit, or government; whether local or county or state or federal.  Lawyers and their systems are the final gods that determine what rights we have and don’t have, and what fines and fees we owe regardless of the Constitution.  Evidence of their pervasive influence is seen all over the internet in the “Terms of Service” agreements that people never read because they are intolerable.

Lawsuits, and the threat of lawsuits, lawyer’s unconscionable fees for trivial services.  Their extorting of innocent parties via the threat of being sued is costing the nation an unfathomable amount of money.  ~In earlier America, this was not the case.

3.  The American tax code.  Russia instituted an across the board 13% federal tax.  Our tax code is tens of thousands of pages and attempting to comply with it costs American workers and businesses millions of wasted man-hours and billions of dollars in legal and accountant fees.  ~In earlier America, this was never the case since such tax laws did not exist.

4.  Obesity at epidemic proportions, with all the attendant health and hospital costs, and the unemployment consequences of it.  The costs of wide-spread obesity will  alone make any health care “system” collapse since it brings on so many damaging health conditions.    There will not be enough doctors and nurses to care for them.  ~In earlier America, this was never the case.

5.  Drug addition, both prescription and illegal.   ~In earlier America, this was never the case with the exception of alcohol.

6.  Civic Apathy, -due to distraction, disinterest, cynicism, or satiation from many sources.  Distraction by and absorption into the alternate psychological environments of social media and Hi-Tech via:
Portable and non-portable devices delivering Music, Video, Games, Social Media, and Sports, -dominating one’s consciousness even while driving at 65 miles per hours.   ~In earlier America, this was never the case since such possibilities did not exist.

7.  Sports and Gambling obsession  ~In earlier America, this was not the case since neither industry existed yet.

8.  Lack of savings and excess debt accumulation by individuals and government.

9.  Growing dependence of the population on government entitlements   ~In earlier America, this was not the case.

10.  Growing unemployment and lack of jobs due to national policies, laws, and treaties.  ~In earlier America, just the opposite was  the case.

11.  Government opposition to exploitation of national sources of wealth; fossil fuels and natural resources including timber and hemp.  ~In earlier America, this was never the case.

12.  Government opposition to reining in the high cost of federal waste and fraud, exceeding hundreds of billions of  dollars annually.  ~In earlier America, this was not the case.
13,  Abuse of The Endangered Species Act by excessive, irrational, dogmatic, ideological, autocratic crippling enforcement and fines that paralyze development and industry.  ~In earlier America, this was never the case since the Act and the abuse did not exist.

14.  Vast authority assumed by bureaucratic and security agencies.  ~In earlier America, this was never the case as such bureaucracies only existed on a smaller scale.

15.  Huge and permanent government subsidies and tax deductions for giant industries with large political contribution funds.  ~In earlier America, this situation did not exist.

16.  Modern Medicine, pharmacology and  a health insurance monopoly (whose lobbyists prevent Congress from dismantling even though monopolies have been disbanded in all other arenas of business across the United States) holds workers hostage to their job and its insurance.  The cost of drugs and hospital care are non-negotiable and not subject to competition, (with the exception of generic drugs).  ~In earlier America, this was never the case.
17.  Wichard v Filburn: the 1942 Supreme Court treasonous ruling -when the 9th and 10th Amendments were taken out and shot in the head. On that day State’s Rights and individual freedom perished  ~In earlier America, this was unthinkable.

18.  Vast Federal Reserve money creation flooding the banking system with “liquidity”.  ~In earlier America, this was impossible and unthinkable.
19.  The Federal Government-Education Complex which guarantees that unions negotiate for impossibly high pensions and benefits with their own puppets who owe their appointment or election to them.   ~In earlier America, this was never the case.  Even FDR viewed the unionization of Federal government workers as an unacceptably abominable scenario.
20.  Corruption  of education systems by secular humanism and socialistic, atheistic Progressivism, along with the nation’s law schools and its federal courts wherein Progressive precedent is looked to for guidance instead of the Constitution.   ~In earlier America, this was not the case.

21.  Imposed national de-emphasis of the value of religion and morality, -the very bedrock of civil society.  ~In earliest America, this was never the case.

22.  Rampant revolving-door government-agri-business, government-Wall St., government-union, government-health care, government-military complex collusion and employment, moving from one to the other and back almost freely, with all of the influence acquired being exploited via paid lobbyist employment.  ~In earlier America, this was not the norm.

23.  Congressional and judicial abandonment of  fidelity to the Constitution.

24.  Abandonment of fiscal morality by Congress, having  borrowed (~stolen) all the “contributions” (tax revenues) from trust funds like Social Security.    ~In earlier America, this was never the case because such funds and such opportunities to steal from the People did not exist.
25.  Retirement of the baby-boom generation and the loss of millions of skilled workers, along with ballooning and unsustainable increases in pension and medical care costs.  ~In earlier America, this was never the case.

26.  Unfunded retirement pension obligations   ~In earlier America, this was not the case.
27.  Unmonitored and unprosecuted corruption of financial institutions too big to fail.   ~In earlier America, this was never the case -rather, Big Money bailed out the Federal Government.
28.  Unwillingness of Democrat-ruled States to hold the federal government to the limitations mandated by the 9th and 10th Amendments.  ~In earlier America, this was rarely the case.

29.  Lack of any resolve toward seeking a balanced federal budget.

30.  Federal Debt and the enormous portion of the federal budget going to interest payments on debt so high it can never begin to be repaid, and the sky-rocketing of the interest rates on that debt when or if interest rates ever rise again.  ~In earlier America, this was never the case.

31.  Declining fertility rate that is below the replacement rate resulting is fewer natural and assimilated working citizens in the future and thus fewer tax payers.  Along with the infantilization of young men with no adult role models, and their lack of interest in marriage and family.  ~In earlier America, this was never the case.
32.  Vulnerability to Natural Disasters poised to happen; San Andreas earthquake overdue, Cascadia Subduction Zone off North-West coast  (-massive earthquake overdue; http://oregonstate.edu/urm/ncs/archives/2012/jul/13-year-cascadia-study-complete-%E2%80%93-and-earthquake-risk-looms-large ).
A colossally devastating New Madrid Fault rupture in the Mississippi River region; more Northeast coast super-storms like Sandy, more Gulf Hurricanes like Katrina; tsunami strikes; vast freezing ice-storms shutting down commerce; Sun storms and possible resulting EMP barrage against electrical and electronic infrastructure that could send us back to the 19th Century; incurable epidemics that could paralyze the nation and much of the modern world, killing millions or tens of millions.

Nearly all of these things are certainties, not mere possibilities, with it just being a matter of when, not if.

33.  Add to them the unpredictability of a nuclear armed and hostile North Korea and Iran; an unrelentingly high birth rate in the Muslim world.  Today “1 in 5 humans is born in Muslim countries; in 2050 it will be 1 in 3” with all the national security implications that come with such a rise in the numbers of people raised with a totalitarian mind-set, which will be magnified if detente ever comes about between Shia and Sunni.

34.  The rise in the wealth and power and influence of China, along with the nationalism that will come with it.

35.  The unwillingness of any branch or forum of government, or the media (Liberal and Conservative) to hold Barack Obama, Congress, and the Supreme Court responsible for his ineligibility for the office of the President due to being constitutionally disqualified to serve in that office.

In earlier America this was unthinkable, as was the thought that the son of a British subject could usurp the position of Commander-in-Chief, -a son who might be raised in the bosom of the monarchy, among the noble and aristocratic elite, and then as a wealthy and politically supported adult return to the nation where his mother delivered him and seek the highest office in the land after reaching 35 years of age and having resided in the United States for 14 years.

Such a son was never in the entire history of the United States of American considered to be a natural American citizen, -meaning one free from any direct ties to any other nation, -free of any inherited subjection and foreign bonds, especially through a transient foreign father with no ties to America.

Besides these factors which are visible to any alert observer, there are other concerns  in the form of hints about our capacity to handle significant challenges.  It seems that every week almost there is a news story about human stupidity that boggles the mind, and often it is manifest in some person, or group that is in a position of influence or authority.

My reaction is; “My god, we are too stupid to save ourselves if we are that stupid.”  You just know that in a real Darwinian environment of survival of the fittest, too many of us just couldn’t cut it, -either physically, mentally, emotionally, or psychologically.  I just learned yesterday that the majority of young Americans believe that Astrology is a science.

“A quarter of Americans surveyed could not correctly answer that the Earth revolves around the sun and not the other way around.
A survey of 2,200 people in the United States was conducted by the NSF in 2012 and released on Friday at an annual meeting of the American Association for the  Advancement of Science.
To the question “Does the Earth go around the Sun, or does the Sun go around the Earth,” 26 percent of those surveyed answered incorrectly.”

But what is the biggest problem facing America in the future?  Selfishness? Corruption? Stupidity and ignorance?  Loose attitudes about morality and personal responsibility?  Government intrusion and over-reaching power?  Those are the roots of the problem but the problem itself is what is wrought by them, which is unlimited government spending.

A morally corrupt, despotic, lazy and selfish nation could be on firm, secure fiscal ground if its laws and policies barred spending money that the government does not possess.
National vice and government corruption are akin to a giant cruise ship whose toilets and sewage system aren’t functioning.  Life aboard will be wretched but if the hull is intact, the ship will never sink.  But if a gaping hole is torn into the bottom, then like a nation taking on ever increasing debt, the ship will take on ever increasing amounts of water.  Then it, like a similarly situated nation, will sink to the bottom or capsize.

That is the trajectory we are on.  That is our projected future.  Will the liberty-loving patriotic conservative Americans who just want the government to leave them alone appear at the polls in the swing states in sufficient numbers to take back the Senate and White House?
It’s a toss up between the hope-inspiring 2010 election and the despair inspiring 2012 election.  So it will probably be a toss-up, unless a conservative Presidential candidate appears who will light your pants on fire with zeal for saving our future from the doom that is ahead if radical revolution in Washington does not come about.

The danger to our republic is not in going too far.  Human timidity seems to always prevent that, but the danger is always in not going far enough.  Going half-way.  Compromising with the suicidal big-spenders who are driving us toward the fiscal cliff at 100 miles per hour.

Getting them to slow down to only 60 miles per hour is NOT the solution.  But they can’t even contemplate that drastic change.  Faster seems to always be better.  Bigger seems to always be preferable.  More is always more and less is always less.  The appetite of the 1,000 lb. GOVERNMENT MAN always needs feeding evermore starch and fat.

Going on a crash diet is not an acceptable choice for him.  That would be unprofitable and unsatisfying.  Gluttony always wants more, -not less.  And so that is what everyone in the District of Corruption agrees to, -at least in practice.  They pretend the opposite for their constituents, but then vote to go along and thereby get along.

Forcing the fat man to go on a diet, voting to make the pie shrink instead of grow is not in their best interest, and so the salvation of the nation is not on their agenda.  They all like a full belly.  Full of government power and artificial U.S. currency created out of thin air, backed by nothing but empty promises.  One day we’ll all find out that you can’t eat empty promises.

by Adrien Nash  2012-14  https://h2ooflife.wordpress.com


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