The Foundation of Nations/ Natural Rights & Unnatural Citizenship

.   ~All human societies, from the primitive to the advanced, exist only if their members follow the rules.  In advanced societies those rules are written, known, obeyed, and enforced, but in order to be obeyed they must be generally fair, and reasonable, otherwise there will be rebellion.  Besides self-serving rules that benefit the ruling class, the majority of the rules must be based on principles that everyone accepts.  They must feel that they are intrinsically and undeniable fair, proper, and necessary.  Those principles must be derived from a source  fundamental enough to garner respect by the members of a society.
Some of those principles are innately known by all higher forms of life, including those based on natural aversions and revulsion, including physical relations with immediate family, children, and animals.  Those rules are readily observable as Laws of Nature because they’re applicable to more species that just humans.

.    Human societies come in many variations because of the complexities of human beliefs but some natural principles are so common to civilized societies that they’re essentially universal.  Still other rules are based on spiritual values, and they’re just as innate in human consciousness as those based on aversion, but are of a higher order.  Such fundamental principles may be validated by moral and religious beliefs which are based on the sacred revelations of humankind’s relationship to a perfect Supreme Being.
.    In Western societies which were bounded by the moral law and spiritual truth revealed in the Holy Bible, the independent consciousness of break-away Protestant founders and authors, led to a wide-spread liberation of thought, -thought which was outside of the orthodoxy of the Catholic monolithic authority that dominated thinking across all the nations and languages of Europe.  Those independent thinkers followed two separate paths.  One was the path founded on the authority and certainty of religious beliefs and biblical interpretations.  The other path was based on intuitive observations drawn from a larger realm, namely, the natural realm.

.    The societal evolution of independent thought led to the Age of Enlightenment.  It was spawned by discoveries of Natural Laws and explanations for things that had always been a mystery.  That enlightenment was preceded by the re-discovery of the writings of the ancient Greek geniuses such as Archimedes, Pythagoras, Thales, and Euclid, and fostered by the writings of Copernicus and Issac Newton.  Math wizards had discovered that the universe was governed by immutable laws, -laws created by the maker of the universe, but the discoveries were not limited to only mathematics.  Instead they increased in every area of inquiry including optics, astronomy, chemistry, anatomy and physiology, fluid mechanics and electricity.

.    The minds of educated men were strongly drawn to the discoveries, observations and experiments involving the natural realm and they realized that just as the natural realm is governed by certain immutable laws, so it must be that the spiritual realm that human beings and human consciousness occupy must also have identifiable fundamental laws, and those laws must have the same origin and source as the Laws of Nature.  They all must have their source in the will and wisdom of God.
.    The understanding of what the will of God would be toward mankind was derived from the scriptures.   In the story of mankind’s creation it’s clear that humans were created in the image of God, -born of his spirit and possessing his nature.  That realization is what provided the source of the view that just as God has and exercises a free will, so mankind also was made to possess a free will, and not to be the slave of dominant selfish alpha males.  Thus the moral basis of civil law came to be viewed in terms of whether or not it violated or supported the natural rights of men to exercise their free will in a manner that didn’t disrespect the rights of others.

.    The philosophical works based on that view were the greatest influence on the men that would come to compose the fundamental structure for the creation of a new nation, -the likes of which was unknown in the world of its day.  Those writings confirmed and validated what they felt in their spirit though such views were not a part of the establishment atmosphere of a power structure dominated by a selfish foreign dictator and his henchmen in the Parliament.  The thinking of the Americans who were under siege by the dictates, demands, intrusions, and taxes of an unjust overlord led to a revolution that slowly changed the face of the world.

.    The independent spirit of the Americans was based on certain core principles shared by all of American society from its beginning with the first brave attempt to establish a viable community in the New World.  The first and foremost principle was, and remains, the belief in individual responsibility for one’s own actions.    Accountability in this life as well as in the next was  grounded in the biblical truth that one day each individual will stand before his maker to account for his actions in this life.    Without personal accountability civil society is impossible because chaos and anarchy would reign.
.    That principle is accompanied by three fundamental Natural Rights, the first of which is the right to Life, which translates as the right of self ownership.  If you are your own owner then no one else possess a natural right to destroy you because you are not their property. Next is the principle that individuals must be free to determine their own actions and choices and not be enslaved to the will or power of another.  Individuals cannot be held accountable for their actions if they lack the right and the liberty to take any action other than what they are ordered.  They must be free to exercise their own free will and therefore must have an unalienable right to the individual liberty necessary to be able to implement their own personal free will.

.    So individual accountability, accompanied by the right of Life, the right to have a personal free will, and the right to be free to exercise it are the four principles that all of the dissimilar and even antagonistic religious groups shared in common.
They’re accompanied by six more core principles, which are also unalienable rights that are part and parcel of a free but accountable existence.  They are the right to personal ownership of property.  That right underlies many of the primary rules that societies create because without it there is no benefit or reward for the efforts of one’s own labor, nor a secure assurance that one will have the tools necessary for survival.
.    Along with it are the right to marry, procreate and raise a family; the right of self-defense; the right to procure justice when wronged; the right of equality and equal treatment; as well as the right of natural membership in the group into which one is born.
These rights are so fundamental to the pursuit of happiness and security that they were and are considered to be beyond the authority of men to grant to other men since they are the natural rights granted by “Nature’s God” to his creation which was called upon to live a responsible and moral life.
They are the principles from which primary human laws are derived and the foundations on which man-made laws rest.  Therefore men can’t grant them and men can’t revoke them.  For that reason they were not included in the United States Constitution.  As a result there is no constitutionally bestowed natural American citizenship.

.    All of these rights are widely understood except one, and that is the right of natural membership.  In a society as historically unique  and diverse as the United States, there has always arisen a confusion due to the presence of national members who lacked the possession of that natural right due to the fact that they were not natural members of the national group but were instead outsiders from a foreign land and foreign culture, -ruled by a foreign government.
.    Unlike homogenous native populations and societies such as those found in Japan, China, Australia, Hawaii, etc. the United States attracted people from all nations, -people starving for freedom and opportunity, and their presence resulted in the creation of an ancillary type of membership in America,
.    It was a membership not based on the natural right of membership which all off-spring of native members are born with, but a membership by grant, by permission, by law, by policy and court rulings.  It was an acquired, artificial membership which was not something that was a natural right but was a needed accommodation for those who wished to join American society, and for their children who were natural members of a foreign people.  Having come from far-away lands across a great sea, it could be assumed that they were not going back to a nation and national membership that they appeared to have abandoned.

.    From that foreign nation’s perspective, the American-born children of their expatriated members were also natural members of the nation, being members by descent, -by blood, and might one day wish to return as repatriated members of their ancestral homeland.  But from the perspective of the United States government, they were nascent Americans who would be raised in America to be Americans, and so they needed to possess American citizenship in order to not be viewed as and treated as second-class members of society, -as members possessing none of the rights and protections of citizens.

.    So they were granted citizenship, but not on any consistent basis since there was no national law governing the question of their citizenship.  So some localities, some judges, some states, granted them citizenship and some didn’t (unless their father became natural-ized), but the federal government did not because they were viewed as aliens who were children of foreigners and therefore citizens of a foreign nation.  That situation only changed after the great Civil War which resulted in millions of former slaves needing to be officially recognized as U.S. citizens and not some sort of domestic subject.  So the 14th Amendment was passed, and its first section granted them citizenship, along with all the children born to immigrants, -which means to those foreigners who were not able or ready to be naturalized into citizenship.

.    Those new citizens were not natural Americans because they were the natural citizens of a foreign nation through their father’s foreign ancestry and citizenship, but in order to not create two separate and unequal tiers of citizenship, they were granted full equivalency to the natural citizenship of America’s native sons, but with just one exception that historically affected either none or less than one in millions of new naturalized-at-birth citizens, and that was the constitutionally restricted office of the President.

.    The reason that it affected less than one in millions was because of the miniscule number of persons that were ever in a position to be a candidate for the presidency.  In any given election cycle, the number of persons that feel they are ready and able to seek the highest office in the land is perhaps 10 or less.  If the population of the adult children (males of 35 years of age) born to unnaturalized immigrants is 2% of the population, there is another field of possible candidates which is composed of natural male citizens whose numbers may be ten times as great.  The likelihood of a son of unaturalized immigrants running for President were slime to none.  But nevertheless, the unlikely once came to pass when Chester Arthur was elected President by concealing the fact that he was born to an unnaturalized British father.  He was an American citizen but not a natural citizen.  But with odds as slim as they were, its accurate to say that in effect it affected essentially no one.  No one, that is until Barack Obama was served up on a silver platter as the keynote speaker to the Democratic Presidential Convention in 2004.
.    How does “a nobody”, a complete unknown, -a mere community organizer, come to  be offered a role like that unless he was being groomed for national office?  Then after he is elected to the U.S. Senate following a total fluke in regard to his undefeatable Republican opponent, including underhanded threats of exposing humiliating personal details of one person key to the election, how is it that he is suddenly running for the office of the President after serving less than 18 months in national office?

.    Could he have been so egomaniacal as to think he was fully qualified for that responsibility while so many others with far more time in government were not?  Or was he “put up to it” by sponsors who remain unseen and unknown?
How is it that they felt emboldened to run a candidate born to a foreign visitor who had no natural right to membership in the American family since he himself was a member of another society by birth and permanent residency?  How is it that they managed to distract everyone with a manufactured fake image of an official birth document representation?  How is it that he and his Democrat cohorts managed to deceive an entire nation into believing that merely being born on American land made him eligible to be President?  Well, they didn’t, because the American people were, and are, already ignorant of the requirement written in stone in our Constitution, that the President must be a natural born citizen, -not a naturalized-at-birth citizen who had no American roots through his father, but instead had roots in Kenya, and the British Commonwealth.

.    Understand this, natural citizenship, unlike naturalized citizenship, is not a blessing bestowed by a tribe, or nation, but is a natural right that’s part of the foundation on which all laws are built.  No person with parental roots in a foreign country is a natural American because natural Americans have only American parents and American roots.
No one with foreign parentage is free of the foreign contamination from dual-nationality and dual allegiance.
.    Also, no one whose American citizenship is derived solely through his mother is a natural citizen because throughout most of American history citizenship was derived solely from the father, including the citizenship of the wife-mother.  American women went from the citizenship of their father to that of their husband, which meant a change of citizenship if their husband was a foreigner.  Obama’s mother may have been subject to that tradition in 1961 and may have been viewed by the INS as being expatriated-by-marriage to a foreigner.

.    No one who is born to an outsider possesses a natural right to be a member of any group other than his father’s group, even if the mother is a natural member of the land where he was born, because such a child is not himself a natural member but is an unnatural mixture of dissimilar nationalities, and no unnatural clash of parental membership can produce a natural member of either parent’s nation.
Barack Obama is the poster child of such a clash, -such a conflict, -such a duality that is unnatural and hybrid in nature.  When a horse and a donkey can mate and produce a natural horse or a natural donkey instead of a mule, -when a lion and a bear can mate and produce a natural lion or natural bear off-spring, -that is when parents like those of Barack Obama could produce a natural American or a natural Kenyan instead of an off-spring with unnatural, artificial, man-made naturalized citizenship which leaves him without natural membership in either nation and makes him ineligible to be the President of the United States.

.    Barack Obama is a “legal citizen” of the U.S. via some unknown obscure federal policy statement found somewhere in the INS Code, and not due to his birth on U.S. soil since a U.S. birth is only relevant to those born to legal American immigrants, -which his father was not, but no legal citizen is eligible to be the President because that office is reserved by the mandate of our founding fathers to only natural citizens, -those whose citizenship is based entirely on Natural Law, not human law.
Natural citizens are not “legal citizens” because their citizenship is not derived from any legal mandate ever made, or I should say never made since none exists, because it’s derived solely from the Natural Right of membership which is a fundamental principle of Natural Law.

.    Natural Americans are born with the right to be the President.  All other citizens were prohibited from serving in that office because of the issue of the uncertainty of their allegiance to America and America only.  In order to protect the nation from the treasonous usurpation of the military forces of the nation, the founding fathers required that they must be 100% American, and American only.  Anyone who is not 100% American is ineligible to be the President and has no right to run for the office because they have no natural right to even be an American.  Only natural citizens possess that right, and only natural citizens are authorized to be the President.

.    The founding fathers wisely put into the Constitution a glass ceiling above which only natural citizens can rise.  If one wises to run for any other office in the land, or be appointed to the federal bench or Supreme Court, or a top rank in the military, that ceiling is undetected and invisible as if it doesn’t exist, but if one wants to seek the power to command all the military and federal forces of the United States government then that person is a charlatan and a fraud if he pretends to be qualified for that highest of high offices while knowing full well that he were not born as a natural member of American society and possess no natural right to be a member because half of his roots are foreign, -his father was foreign, half of his heritage is foreign, half of his cultural history is foreign, and he possess a foreign nationality from birth.  Such a charlatan has dared to run for the Presidency and his personal appeal got him elected.

.    Will continued national ignorance allow him to commit that same crime twice and get away with another egregious violation against the very thing that he swore (twice) to preserve and defend, namely the Constitution of the United States?
It will be a war of giants against ants and all the ants have on their side is the establishment of law.  But law can be transgressed with impunity by those who are charged with enforcing it, -the judiciary.  That is what has happened in the State of Georgia after both the Administrative Judge and the Secretary of State were apparently compromised by nefarious unseen agents working against the impartial execution of state law, law which they were both standing strongly in favor of until something happened and they both inexplicably did an unexplained 180 degree turn and rejected the clear evidence that Barack Obama is not a natural born American.  Instead they took action to insure that his name would appear on the Georgia Ballot in violation of Georgia State law.
.    That pattern may repeated all across the nation.  If that turns out to be the case then it will be unmistakably clear that we have become a thugocracy not much different from the mobocracy of Russia where the last national election was stolen from the people and handed to the commrade-in-chief, Putin.  As Stalin is credited with saying, “It’s not who votes that counts, -it’s who counts the votes.”  Then we will all be living under a government bendable to the will of unseen godless Marxist men and power brokers, and not governed purely by the rule of American law.

by a.r. nash  feb. 2012   http://obama–

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