The Law of Citizenship -a Primer for an ignorant Age

a)  Citizenship is an official form of group membership but instead of the group being a natural clan or tribe it is a nation.
b)  The group is populated by the members, their children, and those that they allow to join.
c)  Those who are members were either born to members and are therefore the group’s natural newer members, or they are outsiders or born to outsiders.
d)  All who are not natural members require the permission of the group to join.
e)  None who require the permission of the group to join are natural members.
f)  Natural members need no one’s permission to be members of the group.
g)  The right of natural members to be members is inviolable and none can infringe it.
h)  The natural members have no natural right to be members of any outside group.
i)  The outsiders have no natural right to be members of a  group that they desire to join and which allows them.
j)  The children born to natural members are not natural members of any outside group.  They are only members of the group into which they were born.
k)  The children born to outsiders that have joined the group are not natural members of the group but are members by the permission of the group.  They are adopted members and the adoption begins the day they are born.
l)  The parents who are outsiders can be a part of the group in two ways: 1. officially allowed to live among the group population while remaining outsiders,  2. becoming members themselves via an initiation process that strips off their old membership and replaces it with that of the group.
m)  Neither resident outsiders, nor new members who became members by the initiation process are allowed to assume the position of the chief of the clan/tribe/nation.
o)  Children born to resident outsiders, though adopted at birth, are not permitted to ever be the Chief because they were conceived without any natural connection to the group.
p)  Being born within the group’s territory does not create a natural connection to the group because their blood is outsider’s blood, not the blood of members.
q)  Children born to any new members who have gained membership by the initiation process are new natural members because they were born to members and not outsiders.
r)  Children born to new members are accepted as new natural members, and as such are acceptable to serve as Chief.

Principles of American Citizenship

a)  No foreigner has a natural right to be an American
b)  No American has a natural right to any foreign nationality.
c)  America has a natural right to bestow the privilege of her citizenship on any foreigner that is found to be acceptable on America’s terms.
d)  America has chosen to bestow her citizenship upon the children of foreigners if they are legitimate legal members of American society.
e)  The American-born children of immigrant foreigners are naturalized automatically by the 14th Amendment from the day they are born.
f)  The children born blessed with the rights conferred by the 14th Amendment are citizens by the permission of the government through its law and policy.
g.  Those whose citizenship results from the permission of the government are naturalized citizens, -not natural citizens, because they were born to foreigners and not Americans and their citizenship did not come from American parents but from American permission.
h)  All  naturalized foreigners can serve in all offices in America except that of President.
i)  Only natural Americans can serve as President.
j)  No citizen born to a foreign father is a natural American.
k)  No foreign national can father a natural American child.
l)  Only American citizens can produce natural American children
m) No child born to a resident foreign national has any natural right to be an American nor the President.
n)  Any child born anywhere to American parents is eligible to be the President because such children are natural born American citizens.
o)  Domestically born 14th Amendment constitutional citizens are ineligible to be the President because they are born with a foreign nationality competing with their American nationality.
p)  No one with competing nationalities is a natural born American but is a hybrid, artificial American granted citizenship by the consent of the American people even if that consent began at birth.
q)  Those who are citizens at birth are naturalized born citizens.
r)  Those who are citizens by birth are natural born citizens.
s)  Natural born citizens produce natural citizens forever unless born and raised abroad without ever living in the United States.
t)  Naturalized citizens produce natural citizens forever with the same exception.
u) Every generation of natural citizens is eligible to be President.
v)  Only the next generation born to naturalized citizens is eligible to be President.
w) White American women, daughters of the founding fathers, have had equality with men for less that 100 years.  Before then they were not eligible to be President.
x) The Presidency has been historically reserved for free white Men born to American fathers.
y)  Where a President was born has always been irrelevant, but where his father was born and to which nation he was subject to has always been an eligibility issue.
z)  Any President who was born as and remains a subject or citizen of a foreign nation is an ineligible President because he is not a natural American since he was born with the contamination of a foreign nationality inherited from his father.
by a.r. nash feb. 2012  http://obama–

One Response to The Law of Citizenship -a Primer for an ignorant Age

  1. arnash says:

    John Quincy
    The Declaration of Independence states foundational principles: that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.— That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed

    The Constitution defines the means by which those foundational principles are secured.

    A foundational principle is that there exists unalienable rights possessed by all antecedant to any government.

    A foundational principle is that all are equal. Everyone is an equal sovereign. That there is no king sovereign over all others, or subjects who must humiliate themselves to such a beast.

    A foundational principle is the recognition of the Laws of Nature and Natures God.

    Recognizing human nature and natural law, upon birth children become members of a family, as is their Natural Right. The child has a Natural Right to the parents. The parents have a Natural Right to the child.

    The family is a member of their tribe/nation and its Society. The family is the fundamental unit of Society.

    Members of Society born from members of Society is the natural due course of events untended by Positive Law.

    Natural born citizenship is citizenship by procreation & birth.

    Natural born citizenship does not depend upon Positive law. Any dependence upon Positive law is by definition un-natural.


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