~The Things of Nature and The Nature of Things

The Things of Nature and The Nature of Things

~The Nature of Natural Citizenship, ~A Lesson for American Voters

The things of nature all have many things in common.  The first and foremost of which is the manner in which they come into being.  With living things that would be via natural reproduction.  The Law of Nature is that natural reproduction produces progeny of the same species 100% of the time. That has been the rule everywhere for billions of years.
That’s the nature of things.  It’s Nature’s primary law, and the foremost principle of what’s known as Natural Law.

From the smallest organism right up to primates, including humans, everything of nature reproduces after its own kind.  No species ever reproduces an off-spring of a different species.  The life in every seed and every egg and sperm will produce off-spring like itself.  Species A never produces Species B.  If the two are successfully manipulated to create a hybrid off-spring it will not be either Species A nor B but instead will be Hybrid C.

Hybrids are unnatural combinations of the things of nature and will not constitute any new species unless they are very closely related. In the animal world they are essentially unknown.  The Law of Nature prevails.  But in the plant world they are easier to create because plant life is far less complex.  Two good examples are those of the nectarine (plume + peach) and perhaps the tangelo but one is challenged to think of any others.

It’s always been believed that The Laws of Nature have been created by the Creator of the natural realm, and viewed as the necessary rules that would control it and provide order.  Humans have always observed the order in the natural realm and in fact have also always been a part of it.
Aside from reproduction, there is another law operating in the order of things and that law is the Law of Natural Membership.  It is derived from the first law on which it depends.

Many species, including humans, are social beings rather than solitary beings, and their society is constituted according to the laws of nature as well as the choices of it members or leaders.  To be a natural member of a natural group only requires that the first law of nature has been followed in regard to ones parentage.  If one’s parents are members of the group then they are members also, having been born into it and being of it.  They require no permission to join the group because they were not born outside of it but inside.  They have the blood of the group in them and therefore are its natural members.

Outsiders do not have the blood of the group members and are not natural members even if they are born within the territory of the group.  To become a group member they must receive the permission of the group.
It is a serious thing to allow an outsider into the group as a permanent member because of the issue of trust and loyalty.  The possibility of betrayal by a secretly hostile outsider must be considered.  Therefore any outsider who wishes to join will either have to live as a second-class member with limited rights (a legal immigrant) or will have to undergo and pass the process of being natural-ized into full first-class membership.

Sometimes second-class members (immigrant aliens) produce off-spring with first-class full-blood members (citizens).  Their off-spring is a hybrid member because it is not fully an outsider nor fully an insider but is instead a hybrid “cross-bred” or half-blood member.  Since it is half-way a natural member, it may be granted membership from the very beginning of its life.

But if an outsider who has not joined himself to the group, but is merely a seasonal visitor (a non-immigrant alien), -if he should father a child with a group woman, that hybrid off-spring will not be considered to be a first-class member nor a second-class member but will be viewed as a natural member of its father’s group because children are the property of the father that produces them and wives are or become members of the group to which their mate belongs because they derive membership through him.
That is the social pattern of patriarchal societies.  In such societies, if a child results from the illegitimate union of a man & woman who have not been joined in Holy Matrimony blessed by God and the clergy before witnesses who observe them taking the solemn vows of life-long fidelity to each other, then that child is considered to have been conceived illegitimately and therefore is labeled a bastard.  Any issue from a union that is not in accordance with the natural order of society and its sacred laws is bastard in nature, and that includes the “unnatural” off-spring of a mixing of nationalities that are “different species”.
Such a union can only produce an unnatural citizen because the union of his parents crossed a political boundary analogous to crossing different species.  Just as the crossing of different species is always unnatural, so it is in a political sense with different nationalities [unless they are members of a greater union such as the British Empire.  If during the colonial days a Canadian had married an Australian, such a union would cross the local national boundary but not the international boundary in which all colonies were part of the Empire, -later the Commonwealth].
But normally the union of different nationalities produces a political hybrid off-spring, and no hybrid is natural.  If a Russian has a child with a Nigerian, their off-spring will be a political hybrid.  If a Kenyan fathers a child with an American, their child will be a political hybrid and will not be a natural Kenyan nor a natural American, just as a mule is neither a natural horse nor a natural donkey.

Just as that which controls in the natural realm also controls in the tribal realm, so the pattern that controls in the tribal realm also controls in the national realm.  It’s the the principle of the pattern of nature which determines the nature of things.  That pattern is easily identifiable by any observer.  It does not require one to read a book of laws and opinions to realize what-is-what in the natural order of things.  One can be uneducated and illiterate and still understand the clear simple order that holds societies together in a natural manner.

But the more complex and vast a society becomes, the more its members are distracted and disassociated from the natural order of things.  In order to preserve order, the order of things must be written down so that all can learn and follow them and allow them to be the law that they naturally are in a less complex and distracted society.

When the rules are written down they thereby become “The Law”.  The law must be obeyed.  It’s not optional.  In “The Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End”, when all of the pirate Lords had gathered and were discussing whether of not they must vote on choosing a King of the Pirates, one of the Lords resisted.  He insisted that the Pirate Code (the Constitution) was really just a set of guidelines and didn’t absolutely have to be followed.  His resistance to the Code was met by a bullet through the chest fired by the father of Captain Jack Sparrow who was the Keeper of The Code.  His response to disrespect for the Code was the famous words: “It’s The Law”.
It is not to be trifled with because it is the only glue that the complex society has.  Without it there is anarchy because some people in a complex society are not social beings but solitary, selfish, savage predators.

In regard to group membership, ~The Law~ follows natural law where it can, and follows the will of the people, or their government, where it can’t.  Should children of illegal aliens who are born while their mother is inside the United States be “granted” citizenship?  Are they natural citizens?  The answer to the first question is determined by the will of the people and it is their choice to make because such children are not the result of natural law.  So the answer to the second question is “no, they are not natural citizens because their parents are not natural members of the group.”

The children of parents who are outsiders, or simply an outsider father, are not members by natural law and therefore laws must be written in order to determine what their status is.  That is not the case with the children of natural members.  No law is needed to determine their status, and no law has ever been written.  No body has ever been granted the authority to make any such law because men do not have the right to regulate nor abrogate the rights of their fellow natural members.  That right of membership is an unalienable right that they all possess.  It is not “granted” by government, nor law, nor leaders, but by the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God.  That is what determines order in the things of nature as well as in the governance of membership in tribe or country.

When a couple travels outside of the group’s natural territory and the wife gives birth, their child does not belong to nor pertain to whatever group owns and inhabits that territory, (-if any does, -think Antarctica).  Rather, their child is a natural member of their parents’ group.  It is a native member of the group just like all the rest.  When the couple has returned to their home territory, no one is going to say to them that their child is not a native member and has no right to be a member because it wasn’t born where the group holds control over everything.  No one would say nor think that, and the reason is that the child was born with the pure blood of natural members of the group and therefore is one also.  It does not need anyone’s permission in order to be that which it is by nature.  It does not need to be natural-ized or nativ-ized because it’s already a natural native, regardless of whether or not it was born in the native’s own territory.

It’s the same with natural citizenship.  Or should I emphasis its nature with capitals; ~Natural Citizenship~?   Every other form of citizenship is a citizenship by law and not by nature.  The hybrid children with mixed parentage, and the natural children of permanently domiciled outsiders may be granted membership from birth, but it is a membership that is “granted” or allowed.
Any such membership is not natural membership and as such no member with granted membership is allowed to be the Chief because he is either a half-blood member or no-blood member.  That is reserved for only natural full-blood members, -not outsiders who have become members, nor their children born while they were still outsiders because their children take after their father, and he has roots with another group and those roots could someday produce a conflict of loyalty.

When one understands the law of nature then one can understand the principle of group membership, and thereby grasp the principle that underlies national citizenship.  If one’s national (even constitutional) membership is not natural membership, then one cannot be entrusted with the power of the position of Chief, whether that be Native Chief or Commander-in-Chief.

We now have a Commander-in-Chief who is not a natural citizen and therefore his national citizenship is not sufficient to qualify him to be the Commmander-in-Chief.  It’s The Law.  Those who wrote that law were the unfortunate beneficiaries of a lesson in group loyalty, -or, I should say, group disloyalty.  A high ranking member betrayed the group in a big way and the group suffered considerably because of his betrayal.  His name was General  Benedict Arnold.
It was because of the lesson that they learned from him that they made it the law that only natural members were allowed to hold the power of authority over all the warriors of the group.

That’s how it was in 1789 and that’s how it still is today.  But people are so removed from nature and its laws that they do not even grasp what natural membership is, and so they have chosen a hybrid member to be their Chief, -in violation of the fundamental law of the nation.
His form of hybrid is not the type that results from a native mother and an outsider father who has joined the group.  Instead, his father never joined the group, -never had its permission to be a member, and therefore his son was born as a natural member of his father’s group instead.
Those who allowed him to be appointed to the office of the Chief will attempt to do it for a second time and  those who know the truth will not speak it.  It is an unspeakable truth, and an unthinkable thought to all those who are his friends.  As long as the group is unaware of their own fundamental law, then he may succeed in capturing the position of Chief for a second time.  God help us if that happens because we will find ourselves remaining unwilling passengers on the train that’s taking us ever closer to total serfdom and financial collapse.

by a.r. nash feb. 2012    http://obama–nation.com  http://photobucket.com/obama_bc   disseminate freely


2 Responses to ~The Things of Nature and The Nature of Things

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  2. arnash says:

    Ask the Obamatrons to chew on this hard leather:
    Interpretation 324.2 Reacquisition of citizenship lost by marriage.
    (b) Naturalization . At one time or another since September 22, 1922, women who expatriated themselves under the circumstances set forth in INTERP 324.1 have been able to regain citizenship by…naturalization,
    [paragraph 6] The effect of naturalization under the above statutes was not to erase the previous period of alienage, but to restore the person to the status if NATURALIZED, NATIVE, or NATURAL-BORN citizen,
    as determined by her status prior to loss.

    Clearly there are at least three types of citizenship, to which can be added derivative citizenship for a fourth.
    A. The Naturalized is foreign born.
    B. The Native is domestically born to immigrants.
    C. The Natural-born is born to Americans.
    D. The derivative citizen is naturalized through a parent (and historically through a husband).
    That’s it. Simple as A,B,C,D,

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