Virgins, Nuns, Angels, & Natural Citizens

 (Converted Into Freedom,
Naturalized Into Heaven,
Baptized Into America)

     A major misconception infects the minds of most Americans and because of it a stranger was elected to the highest, most influential office in the country, -the American presidency.  That misconception is that there are only two kinds of Americans; -naturalized Americans, and everyone else.  It is falsely assumed that since naturalized Americans are prohibited from serving as President then it must follow that all the other Americans are allowed to be President.  But in fact, that presumption is completely false.
The truth is that all Americans are prohibited from being President except for one class that is named in the Constitution, and it is those who are “natural born Citizens”.  Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5: “No person except a natural born Citizen…shall be eligible to the Office of the President,…”
That isn’t very limiting though because about 95% of Americans are such natural citizens.  They are the children of Americans and they are America’s natives.

I myself, -like you, am not a legal citizen nor a naturalized citizen, nor a constitutional citizen [via the Supreme Court ruling that made the words of the 14th Amendment finally State Department policy when it ruled that the 14th Amendment means what it  states, which is that “All persons born, or naturalized, in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States,”].

When the 14th Amendment was written its words described most natural citizens as well as most man-made citizens-at-birth, but it was not written to grant citizenship to those who already had it via being born as citizens, but instead to provide citizenship to freed slaves and native-born children of immigrants.  I’m not in either of those two groups, but my grandmother was.
Rather, I and you are not in any man-made-citizen group, no artificial “natural-like”-citizen-by-permission group, and were never granted the title of “Citizen” because there has never existed any authority to grant that title to those who are already born with it.  Being as there is no legal authority to grant us citizenship, it therefore can be said that we are not “legal” citizens at all because we are not citizens by any law ever passed, -any Supreme Court ruling ever handed down, -any Attorney General Official Interpretation of a Supreme Court decision, nor any right declared in the Constitution.

Instead we are citizens by nature because we are citizens by birth.  We are the natives of America, -her natural born citizens because we were born to citizens.

We are the only kind of citizen that the founding fathers of our nation permitted to be the President.  Every other kind they banned.  But we have the right because we are 100% American and we are endowed by our Creator, -by “The Laws of Nature and Nature’s God”, with an unalienable right to be Americans because we were born into America by members of the nation.  Those who were not born 100% American can serve in every office of the land, right up to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, but the Chief they can’t serve as is the Commander-in-Chief.

The founding fathers intended that the President not have the taint of any direct connection to any foreign power through a father who was a foreigner.  A foreign father could become naturalized and would thereby be an American and would father children who were Americans by birth, but an immigrant father who was not an American citizen could only father children who were foreigners like himself, -until the 14th Amendment became the law that had to be followed by the executive branch as well as the courts.  Only then, three decades after the passage of the 14th Amendment, was the government forced to stop treating the children of immigrants as aliens and start consistently treating them as citizens.  They then all became American citizens, even the Chinese and Japanese children, -even though the natural citizens didn’t view them as truly American.

This difference in description makes an important point.  One who is an American is so either naturally or by American law, –never both.  All natural Americans are also describable as American citizens but their citizenship is a national identification issue, not an issue of nature.  They are Americans by nature, and are citizens by the recognition of the government that they are Americans, -Americans  who don’t need the permission of the government to be Americans or citizens.  Rather, the government has no choice in their possession of citizenship because they were Americans by birth and citizenship  is their unalienable right.

The issue of 100% American-ness needs to be brought into focus to understand the thinking of our founding fathers.  I was freshly made aware of it by a comment left on my blog.  The author referred to his awareness of his English grandparents’ foreign nationality.  I could relate because when by grandmother passed away, I was the one with the task of organizing all of the family photos inherited from her.  They went back more than a century to parents born in France.  She was a true Francophile and I finally understood why.  It was because of roots.  Part of her consciousness was suffused with thoughts of her roots, not unlike Alex Hailey who wrote the book “Roots” about his quest to find his ancient unknown African ancestry.
With the experience of considering my grandmother’s roots, I began to think about them also, -what village they came from, -what relatives I might find there, -what ancestry I might have that I had no knowledge of.  These are not thoughts that are rare because millions of Americans are feeling curious about their ancestry and internet services are provided and advertised to get people to research their roots.

But there is another kind of mind-set in America, though it is rare, and that is one that is 100% American.  The man who left the comment mentioned that it was strange for him being exposed for the first time to someone who had only American roots, -that someone was the woman he married.  She was born into a long line of ancestors whose roots pre-dated the existence of the United States.  They were British colonists who later became the first Americans.  With a background like that, her consciousness had no section of it wondering about foreign roots because in a sense, none existed. She has no thoughts about any connection to a foreign nation or people, instead they are solely about her long connection to America and America only.
She, and people like her, are different from the rest of us because all of their roots are American roots.  They couldn’t conjure up any affection for any foreign land if they wanted to because they have no connection to one.  They are, in a sense, American virgins, -untouched by any foreign man/ land/ culture/ history/ language/ or royalty.  They are purely American.  Their consciousness could be described as “pure-blooded American”, -no other political blood dilutes or taints or mongrelizes their singular American consciousness.

The psychological constitution of such citizens is the far end of a spectrum that the founding fathers required the American President to be leaning toward. No attachment to any foreign King or government, -no roots in any foreign land, -no philosophy or culture inculcated by ones parents that elevates any foreign people or monarchy to a level of any significance in one’s world political outlook.
But they were very liberal in their restriction because the children of foreign-born immigrants who had become natural-ized Americans were also eligible to be the President.  They were the first-generation “born citizens” in a family of immigrants and yet they would not be prohibited from being the leader of the entire nation and all of its natural-born, native American citizens.   The founding fathers trusted that the stringent process of converting an alien into an American would have the impact on that foreigner’s consciousness that would translate into him raising his children to be loyal to America and not to the land and government that he had abandoned and eventually rejected.  The oath of allegiance he would have to solemnly take was this:

“I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen; that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same;… so help me God.”

An American with no foreign roots is, in a sense, like an Angel from Heaven who has no roots on Earth, has no taint of humanity mingled in their background.  Instead they are solely citizens of Heaven and have no possibility of allegiance to Earth or Hell.  The realm they inhabit allows in outsiders but only those who have been naturalized into the Kingdom of God.

That results in an applicant who has no allegiance to any other authority, -only to the Lord of Heaven, -has no attachment to any other culture, -only to that which is Holy.  They have left their previous life, land, and allegiance behind and embraced a wholly new and different realm of being and priorities.  They are the naturalized sons of God, similar in characterization to the naturalized sons of America.  They have the spiritual blood of divine life in them, like naturalized Americans adopt the life blood of the American spirit.

We can see such new Americans on television everyday.  They come from foreign nations, such as Britain, and as foreign reporters and writers, they found that they loved their American job, life, and economic-political-civil-legal environment and eventually they found themselves  becoming more American than British.  It was the result of a long dilution process.
Their British mind-set was first diluted in a major way when they became American employees, and then diluted even more when they became permanent legal residents, -then diluted yet more when they married an American woman, and still more when they produced American children.

Those children would eventually ask Daddy why he wasn’t an American also.  To which he would have no good answer, and so he, in response, (like wealthy celebrity parents who never married) would have to accede to the insistence of his children and begin the naturalization process which would finally purify away his last bit of allegiance to his homeland.  Then the family would be one; -united in a single nationality and allegiance.
That allegiance is what the founding fathers required, but they could not trust that it would universally be genuine, and so they banned all such citizens from being trusted with the power of the presidency.  The stakes were too high to allow the possibility or a treasonous naturalized American from carrying out a long-term scheme to usurp the presidency for the benefit of a foreign king.
But they allowed their American-born children to assume that power.  They are born in America to American parents and so their loyalty can be trusted.

A good analogy to national allegiance is illustrated by the life of nuns.  To be a nun a woman must take a very serious solemn vow that impacts the rest of her life and her primary priorities.  That vow is akin to the oath of allegiance that must be taken in order to leave behind one’s previous foreign nature and join a new society to which one will be loyal for life.  To give up all hope and connection to obtaining personal wholeness through a romantic wedded union is a powerful analogy to the abandonment of all allegiance to one’s natural homeland, country, and government.  One must weigh the desirability of both before making such a serious decision.
Being a nun is the result of choice, free-will, conversion to a uniquely different life and so it relates well to naturalization in that neither a nun nor a new citizen is such by birth.  No one is born as a nun, and no immigrant is born as an American, and as such there is no such thing as a natural nun nor a natural alien-American.
There are many types of natural hypenated-Americans and they all are citizens, but the one type of hyphenated American that does not exist is the natural alien-fathered American.  If the father is not an American then his children cannot be natural Americans because of the presence of his foreign citizenship which should instead be American citizenship.

Choosing American citizenship over one’s own is one of the most serious decisions one will ever make.  If an immigrant chooses not to become an American, it will not seriously impact his life as a resident here.  But it will impact the lives of his children in an invisible manner because it will mean that they can never be qualified to be the American President.  It will mean that they will be born as 14th Amendment constitutional citizens, but not as natural citizens.  No citizen who is a citizen by any law or amendment or court ruling is eligible to be President.
Only natural Americans are allowed to hold that position and none of them are Americans by any law other than natural law.

Becoming an American by naturalization is a type of baptism.  The waters of baptism represent for the convert the waters of death to his/her old self, old life, old desires, old sins and habits.  Emerging from that water represents new life, rebirth, resurrection from a life of darkness to a life of light.  Naturalization is a similar end of the old and emergence as a newly-born member of a new family, a national family which is not in addition to one’s old family but in substitution for it, -in place of it.  Like a heart-lung transplant.  A new set is not grafted onto the old, but instead replaces it.
In the never-changing view of the United States government, one cannot have two national families if one wants to become an American because one’s devotion and allegiance must be solely to America and her Constitution.  Just as one cannot be half-nun and half-non-nun, -as one cannot be half-Angel and half non-Angel, -as one cannot be half-virgin and half non-virgin, so one cannot be half-American and half-foreign.  A would-be American must choose to be either one or the other, because being both is not an option.

In the arena of competing political ideologies, no one could ever fathom the German Nazi Party allowing one to swear total allegiance to Hitler but at the same time allow them to hold an allegiance to the Communist Soviet Union and Joseph Stalin.  It would only be one or the other, never both.  One allegiance, one country, one  government, one ideology.  Any hybrid mixture of allegiance would be treated as treason and result in a bullet in the brain.

Also unacceptable and unnatural is a situation in which a foreign father from a foreign land with a foreign wife decides to marry the American girl that he has impregnated in the land that is foreign to him.  He had two major conflicts; an allegiance to another  nationality, and an allegiance to a competing foreign spouse.  Such conflicts never result from the natural order of things and can never produce a natural result.

Being baptized into a new life as an American citizen is a serious step that only an adult can make.  One cannot baptize their children into American citizenship, neither at birth nor later because children are not of the age of maturity, -the age of responsibility for their own choices.  But autocratic minds have traditionally ignored that fact in the international realm of the politics of membership.  Great Wars have been fought over the underlying principle inherent in the question of the human right of free will, free choice, and free association.
Those great wars were mostly fought in Europe as the religious wars between Catholics and Protestants.  In America they were over whether or not human beings have an inherit unalienable right to choose which group they wish to be members of and to reject their previous membership in the group into which they were born.
That dispute was at the heart of all of the Wars of American and European history.  Dictators, whether monarchical, secular, or religious have and do hold that all those born within their realm belong to them.  Some even go so far in their satanic ambition that they are convinced that even those outside of their realm must belong to them also.  They are the super-dictators who always begin major wars.  But even the average dictator can wreck havoc throughout his domain, as the dictator of Syria is presently doing.

Monarchical, as well as secular dictators such as in North Korea, claim sovereignty over all those born to their subjects, and as in the case of British monarchs, even over those born to foreign subjects who were temporarily within the monarch’s domain.  That was/is a manifestation of human greed and hunger for power.  It cannot be viewed as having any good side to it, but nevertheless, it was the attitude of The Church, -the descendant of The Holy Roman Empire.  Under historical Catholicism it members were born into the Church and their children would produce future members, just like in a monarchical and secular dictatorship.  The members were truly subjects of the Church authority and the Church authority was absolute because it was presented as an irrefutable authority given by God.
They were not called “converts” because converts were those adults, or youths, who experienced a conversion of heart and willfully choose to join the fellowship of those who follow Christ.
Protestants were such converts.  They were converted from atheism, paganism, or catholicism into a new life in which they sought and worshiped God of their own free will, and not because it was the life that they were born into and had no choice about nor even a thought that there might be something else, -something different, -something better.
Catholicism distorted the meaning of baptism from being an expression of a new faith and new life that converts made of their own free will, and instead turned it into a ritual by which the newly born were baptized into The Church for life.  The Church was their world forever, and spiritual “conversion” was unnecessary, pointless, suspect, and even possibly subversive.
Well, it turned out to be totally subversive because once a person experienced   conversion to the belief in a personal relationship with God and left their involuntary subjection to the authority of the Pope, and Catholic authority and doctrine, then they became a threat to its legitimacy, just like those who left their lifelong fear of the dictators that ruled them all their life and rose up in opposition to their authority, -like in northern Africa, and Syria.

The war will never end between free citizens who believe in the unalienable right of free choice as being something with which mankind was created, and those who believe that only they have the authority to determine what rights those subject to them have and don’t have , but the position of the United States government has always been clear.
I read recently about a President in the early half of the 19th century who sent a directive to all American representatives throughout the world to declare to them that any statement, opinion, finding, policy, implication, action, etc..which did not support the unalienable right of self expatriation (choosing another nationality, -such as American) was in violation of the policy of the United States government.  Such an opinion was never to be expressed by anyone representing the American government.  Expatriation is a right that is one of the foundations of our nation because it is derived from the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God.  As is natural membership in your parent’s group.  It was the reason that the young and weak United States declared war against the British Empire in 1812, us with just a few warships, Britain with hundreds.  But that right was fundamental to the foundation on which the United States was built.

The flip side of the natural rights that men are born with is the rights that no men possess.  No one has a natural right to be a member of a group that their father does not belong to.
No one has a natural right to be a citizen of a nation that their father does not belong to.
No one who is given permission to join a group to which their father is not a member is a natural member of that group but is instead a natural-ized member even if their membership is allowed or granted from the day they are born.

Only those born to citizens are natural citizens.  No man can father a child who is a natural member of a foreign nation, even if born within its borders.  No one with a foreign father is a natural citizen of any nation on Earth because they were fathered by an outsider, -an alien, -a man with the taint, -the scent, (the body odor) of foreign nationality, allegiance, devotion, culture, and political ideology.  Foreign-ness is presumed to possibly bring with it alien priorities, ideas, and mindsets which are like a foreign desert, -devoid of the oasis from whose waters spring the belief that mankind is born with certain unalienable rights and a free will with which to choose who, or what, he wants to govern his world.
Delegates at the Constitutional Convention who were concerned with “admitting strangers into our public Councils,” and feared that “foreigners without a long residency in the Country…bring with them, not only attachments to other countries, but ideas of Govt. so distinct from ours that in every point of view they are dangerous.”

Communism, Socialism, Monarchism, Fascism, and radical Islam are the enemies of free will and as such are the enemies of mankind.  Americanism is the enemy of no one, except those who are the enemies of mankind.  The greatest bulwark against the spread of tyranny has been American strength and resolve, and the strength of American values.  Those values were expressed in the Declaration of Independence, and drawn upon in the authoring of the Constitution of the United States.

Every public servant of a State or National position swears an oath of Allegiance to the one and only document upon which our nation is based, and which includes the amendments added to it, but they do not take that oath seriously and do no intend to be true to it.  Instead the promise that they are really swearing to is the promise to do whatever seems best to them in any given situation and usually that means what is best for them and their constituents who they look to for the votes that can reelect them.

Into this corrupt environment waltzed a dashing stranger who swept the ladies off their feet and dazzled the men with his demi-god voice and messianic rhetoric.  They rolled out the red carpet for him and he rolled-over any opposition with charm, big hopes and vague transformational dreams, distortions of facts, perversions of documents, and almost universal ignorance of or indifference to the constitutional qualifications for someone to be President.
It requires him to be 100% American but he never was and never can be.  It requires him to be the son of an American father yet he was the son of a colonial British subject from Kenya.  It requires him to be constitutionally vetted by the Senate, and yet he was not, even though they knew he was not qualified, or they believed the lies feed to them by their own Congressional Research Service which falsely claimed that anyone born in American must be viewed as a natural American, while at the same time they said that John McCain was a natural born citizen because he inherited his citizenship from his American parents.
Therefore by their logic, since watermelons are a natural substance that comes from the ground and petrified poop is a natural substance that comes from the ground, therefore petrified poop must also be good to eat.  Apples and Oranges people!  No connection.  Domestic birth location can never be viewed as anything related to what is natural, -only blood, as in political blood, -citizenship blood, is natural.  Political boundaries are not equivalent to natural parentage, -soil is not equivalent to DNA, and there is no way to logically assert that they are connected.

So the truth is that while you and I are not “legal”, nor constitutional, nor naturalized citizens because no law bestows citizenship on us nor regulates our citizenship, Barack Obama is a legal citizen of the United States, and legal citizens are not natural citizens because they are citizens by permission, not citizens by nature.  Therefore he is ineligible to be the President of the United States because he is not, and can never become, a natural American.

by a.r. nash  feb. 2012  http://obama–nation    ~disseminate freely

One Response to Virgins, Nuns, Angels, & Natural Citizens

  1. arnash says:

    by an unknown blogger:
    Both the Missouri and Kansas bills to require proof of a candidate’s eligibility are dangerous, sick “jokes” since they do NOT address the issue of proof of “natural born” citizenship for presidential candidates, ie. the requirement of proof of citizenship of the candidate’s parents at the time of his birth, but merely focus on the birth-place proof of the candidate, ie. mere “citizenship”. How stupid and neglectful or worse to omit the parental citizenship proof. In what alternate universe have these legislators been living for the past 3 or more years? Do they think we are that stupid! Far, far better to have NO state statute requiring specific evidence of “citizenship”, particularly when also mentioning “natural born citizenship” in the statute, then to have either of these two bills enacted into law. The net result will be to compound the error of confusing “citizenship” with “natural born citizenship”, create enormous additional confusion and give tremendous cover for those who have and continue to violate, deride and ridicule the “natural born citizenship” requirement of the Constitution.

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