You Are Not A Legal American, Nor Am I

What Makes You An American?

If you ask American citizens what it is that makes them an American, they may not
know how to answer. They may incorrectly answer that it’s because they were
born in America but that would be wrong, -unless, that is, they were born to U.S.
immigrants. In that case they would be correct because the 14th Amendment
declares them to be American citizens. But if your parents were not immigrants,
then what is the source of your American citizenship? By what law, or
constitutional amendment, or clause in the Constitution, or Attorney General
Interpretation, or State Department policy are you an American?
No one will be able to answer you even if they are a lawyer, or a judge, or a
professor of law. They reason they will have no answer is because there is no
answer. They may not even realize that fact consciously. But they will be aware
that they’ve never heard of any such law.
So if you are not an immigrant, nor born to a foreign father or mother, but are
simply an average American, born to American parents then there is no law that
you can point to that grants you American citizenship. The reason
there is no such law is because no authority was given by the founding fathers to
pass such a law.
They gave authority to Congress to pass naturalization and immigration laws
that cover foreigners, foreign spouses, foreign parents, and their children, but not
to pass laws regarding natural citizens of the United States. Just as the First
Amendment specifically forbids Congress from passing any law respecting an
establishment of religion or anything that infringes on religion and the press, so
Congress was similarly never authorized to legislate or regulate the citizenship of
the American people who are the nation’s natural members. Since that authority
was not given in the Constitution it does not exist.
That leaves the matter of natural citizenship as something that only exists in the
realm of natural law, -outside of government, beyond the right of men to legislate,
beneath the foundation on which the government is built. It exists as an immutable
principle derived from natural law and the unalienable rights bestowed by Nature’s
God to all mankind.
So while foreigners who are naturalized, and children born to foreign parents
can point to specific statements in U.S. law, whether it be the 14th Amendment, or
Supreme Court rulings, or federal government policy based on those two, natural
citizens can point to nothing in any law ever passed. While government and its
laws exist as the result of the agreement of a people to establish a civil order and
structure to enforce the rules that will provide them a framework in which
tranquility and prosperity will be possible due to the protection of the natural rights
of every individual, that government does not exist as a natural construct but
instead, as a man-made one.
Since natural membership is a natural right and is not granted by a man-made
construct of human authority, it exists with or without that construct, and thus
those who created the construct for Americans were conscious of that fact when
they created it. Hence, they realized that they cannot codify that which is beyond
human authority because that would create the false impression that it is something
within the purview of human authority when in fact it is beyond the realm of
human authority to regulate or validate. Instead, it’s those with natural group membership  who possess the authority to regulate and validate their
government. Any form of government that violates the natural order of things is a
dictatorship and sits as a little Satan ruling over other human beings as if they are
its property.
The American citizens who can trace their citizenship to anything that is the
product of the human construct of government exercising the legal authority of the
government, -they can be described as “legal” citizens. Anyone who is a natural
citizen is not among them because their citizenship is not derived from
government, and so they could be described as not being “legal” citizens. They are
instead natural citizens, and it was their forefathers that created the system that
determines what is legal and what is not, -who is legal and who is not. No one can
determine the legality of natural national members because their kind was the
creator of the system that does the determining. The creation cannot determine
that the creator is illegitimate within the creator’s own system.
So most Americans, perhaps 95% of us, can say that in that sense, we are not
“legal” citizens since no legal authority exists that makes us what we already
are and were born as, namely, natural born citizens.

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