The Nature of Natural Citizenship

There is something in most American’s background that is so much a part of us that it never gets a thought, and it never gets taught.  It is totally taken for granted, like the air that we breathe.  It is related to our citizenship.

We rarely think about our citizenship, except when we are in a foreign nation or applying for a passport in order to be able to prove our citizenship.  But what we never think about is the nature of our citizenship, the principle by which we have the citizenship that we assume we have.
There really is no reason to think about it except to come to an understanding of something written in the United States Constitution.  In it is a set of requirements for the office of the President.  The first and foremost requirement is natural born citizenship.

The framers of the Constitution were so adamant about that requirement that they insisted in negative language that “No person shall be eligible to the Office of the President except a natural born Citizen,…”. [word order rearranged]  But what does that mean?

It means that the citizenship of a Presidential candidate must be of a certain nature, and that nature is “natural”.  It cannot be non-natural citizenship.
Non-natural citizenship is of various types, but one thing they all have in common is that they are authorized either by statute, the 14th Amendment, judicial ruling, or administrative decree.
If one is a foreign citizen and wishes to become an American citizen, then one must go through a process to re-make one into the equivalent of a natural citizen via the naturalization process.  One cannot be required to be re-born as an American, so the next best thing is to require a process intended to change how one consciously thinks about who they are and where they belong and what society and government they are attached to.
[Some natural born citizens take their citizenship for granted to such an extent that they would become far better citizens and persons if they also were required to complete the naturalization process in order to become thoughtful members of the American political and social world.  But I digress.]

Let’s examine the nature of natural citizenship.  It can be said that females who are born as females are natural born females, which is a statement that would never have been made until female transsexual reassignment surgery was invented.  As a result, there now exist two classes of females; one might be called simply “female” and be relate to ones physical appearance, while the other would be called “natural female”.
Just as all females are not natural females, so all citizens are not natural citizens because they were not born as natural citizens.  In a similar vein, I, like you, was born as a human by birth to human parents.  Thus I am a natural born human, meaning I don’t embody the makings of humans along with some other species.  My human-ship is similar to my citizenship in that both are natural.
I was born as an American citizen because the American citizenship of my parents was mine upon my birth.  Americans give birth to Americans.  Chinese give birth to Chinese.  Eskimos give birth to Eskimos.  Natural citizenship is not dependent on where one is born anymore than ones gender, or species is dependent on birth location.  It is solely dependent on to whom one is born
Natural born citizens are citizens by a historical political analogy to natural law.  In nature each species produces its own kind.  In nature species do not intermingle.  In nature there are no natural hybrids (with only a few unusual exceptions to the rule).
Similarly, natural citizens are citizens by natural inheritance, not citizens by law, or judgement, or decree.  Therefore it can be said that those whose citizenship is defined by law, or judicial or administrative decree are not members of the class of natural born citizens because that class has never been dependent on the acquiescence of men.  Rather it is a permanently embedded ancient human tradition.  It is an unalienable right that is no more in need of being legislated than is the right to live.  That is why it is not defined in the Constitution, nor any legislation ever passed.  It’s fundamental.  It pre-dates the law, and the Constitution, and English law, and Roman law.  Since over 99% of the citizens of most countries are natural citizens of those countries, there has never been a need to legally state what is obvious and universally recognized.
The natural born citizens of a country are analogous to a big bed spread covering a bed representing the nation.  The bed spread has fringe around the edge, and that fringe represents immigrants and those born with one or two foreign parents.  Compared with the surface of the bed spread, they are similarly no more than a fringe element, but being different is what requires that they have the nature of their status defined.  Their citizenship is not natural and thus the nations leaders are forced to create rules to conditionally grant or deny them citizen rights.

What this all distills down to is the fact that no one whose citizenship is defined or determined by law, or decree, or constitutional amendment, is a natural born citizen because natural born citizenship is not dependent on any of those things, rather it is more fundamental than all of them and is one of the foundations on which they exist.  The government cannot grant a person natural born citizenship.  Under the Article II Presidential requirement, no foreigner is eligible to be President because no foreigner is a natural born citizen.  Also, under the Article II Presidential requirement, no half-foreigner is eligible to be the President because no half-foreigner is a natural born citizen, and as the Constitution plainly states; “NO person, except a natural born citizen…is eligible to the Office of the President.”

Adrien Nash  September 4th, 2011  http://obama–

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