The Devolution of The Republic

Cultures, societies, and nations are established by leaders, -men who get things done and know how to crack the whip when needed, but in time the institutions they establish are entrusted with so much authority that the strong leader is eclipsed and unnecessary.  The wheels of the bureaucracy become the new power and those wheels turn very slowly because there is no strong leader cracking any whip behind them.  So it is today.  The nation is not ruled by Congress or the Constitution, it is ruled by regulations that were created by bureaucrats with nothing better to do than to dream-up regulations for everything.  Their very existence is the result of the luxury of affluence and the audacity to borrow money like there’s no tomorrow.
Well, the result may be that there IS no tomorrow. At least not one that we’ll want to live in.  And all too possibly, it may come as it almost did in 2008, all of a sudden and with no one ready.  Next time a financial crisis hits, our Congress and Fed will be out of bullets.  What then?  A new dark ages doesn’t seem as inconceivable as it was a few years ago, but it can’t be predicted or precluded because we are in uncharted territory. When one equal party is hopelessly addicted to unlimited spending, and it’s opponent isn’t all the bothered about it, then continued addiction is the only realistic prognosis.
We are truly on our own now because our own government is the cause of the problem and not the solution.  It will all boil down to a numbers game as to what path we’ll take going forward.  And it could be determined by a single precinct in a single state resulting in a single elected representative who’ll provide a voting majority for one of the parties.  But without a clean sweep of the Congress & White House, crap like the Reid/Pelosis HealthCare bill will not be repealed unless we are saved by at least one vote in the Supreme Court.   AN

rustyaxlenut wrote:
The filth in Hollywood is but a symptom of the degenerate mentality of liberals generally. Their day is waning; they come upon the reflection of their own demise evidenced in their compulsion to worship disorder, chaos and pandemonium. It is to be expected; the disordered demonic mind recoils against wholesomeness, morality and virtue the way a flame sputters in protest against a splash of pure quenching water. It is to be expected; the time has come for a drawing apart, a separating of water from oil, of evil shrinking away from the light of Holy retribution. As we begin the Rite of Exorcism as a nation of faithful, we must ignore the rants, threats, screams and lies of the damned, they are to be expected. Ignore the wails of pain and denials of God, they are to be expected. When we reach the words “. . . For haughty men have risen up against me, and fierce men seek my life; they set not God before their eyes. . .” the battle will be joined in earnest. There is no turning back.

M Rick Timms. MD
It seems that politicians have taken to selling the perks under their authority, whether through the actual marketing and sale of “appointed positions”, or simply accepting gifts in the form of contributions paid with the expectation of political favors.

Perhaps that is simply the way of the world, but it seems that as the power and money have become greater and more centralized, especially in the federal government, the abuses of the public trust grow in magnitude as well.

I wonder if the politicians had less of our tax money to disperse perhaps their influence, and the temptation to sell it, would be less, and they could better focus on representing the people they serve – you know kinda like the Constitution requires.

I believe that with honorable men and women of character in positions of leadership, we would not have the expansion of power and government that we see today. It will take extraordinary leadership committed to constitutional principles to save us from collapse at the hands of the progressives. The Founders warned us, and it appears that we have proved their fears to be well founded.

To borrow Mark Levin’s phrase, let’s call this government imposition on religion statism. Here are some of its tenets.

Statism regards pregnancy as a disease to be cured by the preventive care of contraception. This is no surprise, given that President Obama has said that women are punished with babies. Regardless: Those who believe that human life begins at conception are now forced to provide and pay for its termination.

Statism tramples conscience. Echoing the notion that a baby is an illness, the abortionists call opposition to the rule an assault on women’s health. Ponder that: The same folks who chant “Keep your laws off my body” to justify abortion now demand that the law crush the consciences and religious convictions of their opponents.

The statist faith smothers liberty. In his February 6 press briefing, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney claimed that the rule attempts to strike a “right and appropriate balance” between religious concerns and women’s health care coverage — a balance which is necessarily tilted towards expansion of government power and against freedom.

Statism holds traditional religion in contempt. The rule exempts only churches and houses of worship. Thus, hospitals, charities and other religious employers are as irrelevant to this rule as any hint of Constitutional restraint on the President’s power.

Just a quick look around at what is happening in America today makes it clear that we’re a degenerating society, moving faster and faster towards the dustbin of history. Our children are ignorant and getting more so, as the government schools, run by far-left unions, work to create a permanent, government-dependent underclass. Crime and violence are rampant, especially among “protected minorities” who have been shackled to a nearly inescapable, Democrat-designed welfare system. Single parent households and children born out of wedlock are so widespread as to be almost the norm, despite the overwhelming evidence of a direct correlation between this and crime, violence, and failure in nearly every aspect of life. Given this, is anyone really surprised that the political class has fallen right in line?

Bonnie Bright Gilliland
If we are not ready to listen to our opponents (citizens) concerns whether we think them just or not we shall, ultimately, listen to the voice of a dictator who refuses to hear our own. Hate begets hate. Thugs beget thugs. Injustice begets injustice.. We can point the finger or kick the can down the road. Inevitably the time to pay up catches up.

John Chancellor: Reagan raised taxes, bailed out Chrysler, gave amnesty to illegal aliens and banned assault rifles, sounds like you already have Reagan.

Baghram Airbase in Afghanistan embodies “imperial overstretch”:[as does the $750 million U.S. embassy in Baghdad] “the idea that one’s security needs, military obligations and globalist desires increasingly outstrip resources available to satisfy them” (“Are We Rome,” p. 71).  author Cullen Murphy in “Are We Rome? The Fall of an Empire and the Fate of Rome.”

So the two branches of the government approved it and one of them is controlled by the Republicrats, so how could be possibly be a barrel of manure?  The answer is simple, “Simplicity”.  Overly vague wording, undefined terminology, unclear implications, unaddressed tangential consequences are all a result of “simplicity”.  Congress loves to appear wise and straight forward, so they allow language that no competent lawyer would ever allow to be the basis of any contract because it trades clarity and specificity for brevity.  They know full well that when the wording is very brief and vague, then authorities can bend it to appear totally legitimate while leaving the door open to apply it in an unexpected and unconstitutional manner.  But nothing that Congress passes can supersede or “interpret” the Bill of Rights that exists to protect us from the usurpation of individual liberty that Congress is prone to to foist upon the nation. AN

EPA look at the Stupidity of what you are doing!!! Mr. President look at the Stupidity of your EPA Agency. Congress look at the Stupidity of what the EPA is doing. Will NO ONE in our government OPEN their GREED FILLED EYES and look at the stupidity of our government agencies and the STUPID REGULATIONS/LAWS they are trying to enforce!!!

Liberals prey on prisoners, poor, uneducated, illegals, drug addicts, minorities,and the uniformed. They promise them a crutch, never a cure. These people then become addicted to the democrat vote lever. The college student pays for a forced brainwashing. They are taught the  Republican’s have caused all the problems of the above people. They leave higher learning well versed in Cloward and Piven, but lack an ounce of common sense.

Read more:

Posted on January 11, 2012 at 3:01pm
Yea! Ban the light bulb! Bio-Tax the refiners! Make everyone drive CAFE standard deathtraps! Free everything (food, healthcare, education, etc.) for illegal aliens! Everybody gets a free house-whip those banks into shape! We’re into the age of the rubber contract-stretch it any way you want! Gosh, what more can these Bozo’s do? (We shuttered the ONLY refinery in Virginia, just a year ago! We just shut down the Winchester light bulb plant!) Maybe we ought to conserve all our hot air and declare a work holiday for Congress to go with their recently passed tax reduction, which is really a contribution holiday for our Social Security contributions! Anybody wanna guess how long it will be before they declare a reduction in benefits and justify it by the ‘tax’ reduction they have ‘given’ us, which is really only taking money out of our back pockets to hand to our face, while telling us we ought to thank them (and reelect) them for being so generous!

Posted on January 11, 2012 at 3:36pm

I have a “Flex-fuel” vehicle and that ethanol stuff when you run the engine in hot conditions turns to goo in your engine and creates a real mess, clogging lines etc.

Axelphantom…..I hear you. My small engines(all my business machines)have half the working life using the 10% blend. Towing a trailer every day, I get 25% less miles per gallon(on a good day).
Anything rubber dissolves, anything not stainless steel dissolves. Experimenting is good. But when something does not live up to its mission statement………it needs to go. This stuff sucks up unbelievable amounts of fresh water, belches MILLIONS of tons of that evil CO2 into the air, and WRECKS everything it touches. OOOOH we should subsidize it

There is an old joke about the two women discussing who to vote for in the local sheriff’s race. One said, “I’m voting for Jones.” The other said indignantly, “But everyone knows he’s a crook! Smith is the honest man!” “Yes,” replied the first woman, “and I do not wish to ruin an honest man by electing him to public office!”

The leading Republicans should be ashamed for not busting their butts trying to bust Obama’s butt. Our government is broke. How do we fix it? I do not know. I am a lot dumber than our founding fathers, who thought they had built a fairly idiot proof system, except for Ben Franklin, who recognized the idiocy of humanity and predicted the Republic would not last very long. Actually, many other founding fathers expressed grave doubts about Americans being honest enough and honorable enough to govern fairly and well for any lengthy period of time. They were, unfortunately, quite prescient.

One must assume that a Congress, composed of 75% lawyers, must provide some pretty hefty perks. Any lawyer worth his salt, these days, has to be knocking down twice that amount. The power and riches, amassed by most long term congresspeople, would stagger quite a few imaginations. Unfortunately, whe constituants are NOT receiving a commensurate value in wisdom and leadership. It appears that these two valuable traits are inversely proportional to the number of terms served!

You refer to “The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” by Edward Gibbon. It should be required reading to graduate high school, but apparently you can graduate now without even being able to read at all…

There is now two Americas.
The left has gone off the deep end and there is no compromising with them. The proponents of socialism, climate change, unions, green energy and big government nanny state that would dictate every facet of your life see some kind of utopia being the ultimate goal that simply cannot and has never worked in history. The only faith these people have is that the government will take care of everything. They are delusional.

One Response to The Devolution of The Republic

  1. arnash says:

    Boy’s Water Pistol Threat Leads To Confiscation Of Father’s Guns, License

    April 10, 2013 by Bob Livingston
    Boy’s Water Pistol Threat Leads To Confiscation Of Father’s Guns, License

    Yeah, this makes sense: A 10-year-old suggests a bully should be shot with a water pistol, so the police confiscate his father’s firearms and the State revokes his concealed-carry permit.

    It happened in New York, a State that is notorious for the difficulty it causes its residents who want to legally carry a gun and that recently suspended the U.S. Constitution and passed draconian gun restrictions. The father posted news of his plight April 1 on the forum.

    As much as he’d like it to have been a bad April Fool’s joke, it’s not. In addition to having his guns confiscated and his license revoked, John Mayer’s son was suspended for two days by the Hauppauge School District following the March 1 incident. When Mayer inquired the next day about when his license would be restored, police told him it would be restored when his son turned 18 and moved out of the house.

    Those running the non-education indoctrination system that passes for education have simply lost whatever minds they once possessed; and their ridiculous, mind-numbed zero-tolerance policies are causing kids and parents all manner of hardship and even resulting in criminal records for victimless non-crimes. And New York government long ago divested itself of common sense and restraint.

    Mayer has sued the school system and the Suffolk County Police Department in Federal court. “It’s completely absurd,” Mayer’s attorney James Murtha said. However, Murtha does not find the case surprising. He said that Suffolk County has a reputation for stepping on individuals’ gun privileges.

    “We’ve been involved in cases and situations where police have severely injured or hampered someone’s rights,” he said . “We see enough wrong doing on both parties to be going toward a federal cause of action because of the civil rights implication.”

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