Who Are Citizens and Who Are Not?

Citizenship by Law, Location, or Nature

Some native-born children are not US citizens                                            Some children of citizens are not native born

Citizens and native-born persons are described by various circumstances, including:
1. Children born to aliens in the service of their government.  (no citizenship conferred)
2. Children born to visiting aliens not subject to US jurisdiction. (Lynch v. Clarke & Lynch, decided Nov 5., 1844  Page 255  2nd column  “Persons who are born in a country are generally deemed to be citizens and subjects of that country.  A reasonable qualification of the rule would seem to be, that it should not apply to the children of parents, who were *in itinere* in the country, or who were abiding there for temporary purposes, as for health, or curiosity, or occasional business.” (or illegal)(no citizenship conferred)
3. Citizens born of legal resident aliens.
4. Citizens born of naturalized citizens.
5. Citizens and non-citizens born of parents that are in various configurations or combinations of resident alien, non-resident alien, naturalized alien, and natural born citizen.
6. Citizens born abroad to naturalized citizens
7. Citizens born abroad to natural born citizens
8. And lastly, Citizens born in the U.S. of two native-born citizens.

Some would have us all believe that the framers of the Constitution were either too ignorant or too stupid to know the difference between the various circumstances of birth and citizenship.  Any reasonable mind rejects such an opinion. They choose their words very carefully and meant every one of them. AN

One Response to Who Are Citizens and Who Are Not?

  1. arnash says:

    Three brothers with three different citizenships

    A foreigner who loves America applies for entry permission. While awaiting it, his wife gives birth to a son. Then they receive permission and immigrate to the U.S. There the wife conceives and delivers another son. Then they successfully complete the naturalization process and become American citizens. Then they have another son born in American. He can grow-up to be the President of the United States. His brothers can’t. Does it matter? Absolutely not, anymore than a girl can grow up to become Miss Universe but won’t. It ain’t gonna happen.

    The first son came to the U.S. as a foreigner and remained as such until the parents were naturalized. Then he was automatically naturalized also. The second son was born as a native American citizen per the 14th Amendment as interpreted by the Wong Kim Ark decision, but not as a natural born citizen since his parents were not Americans. Their naturalization was not necessary to make him a U.S. citizen, unlike his older brother. His younger brother is not a citizen via the 14th Amendment but via natural law. His citizenship is not granted by any law, judicial decision, nor Constitutional Amendment, nor the body of the Constitution itself. His citizenship is natural citizenship because he was born to citizens. Whatever nationality they were when he was born, he was the same. It was his birthright by natural law. Group members create off-spring who are members, citizens create off-spring with the same citizenship. It doesn’t require the permission of any sovereign, nor bureaucrat, nor legislation, nor judicial decree. It’s the automatic result of pro-creation and has been since time immemorial.

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